• Yes I am for abortion.

    I am for abortion because if a woman is raped then it can be potentially harmful to the woman emotionally and psychologically to have to carry her attacker's unborn baby. Although probably not the same case for all rape victims who have had to birth a baby due to rape, some have developed severe mental illnesses after have to raise these children as they are constant reminders to them every day.

    Another reason, and probably the biggest one for me, is that I don't like the thought of being a human-incubator. It is not my duty as a woman to carry children. I would like to, yes. But if I was pregnant and I no longer wanted to be for whatever reason, and I did not want to carry this child to term, and someone told me no I could not, then I would basically be forced against my will to carry an unborn foetus to term like an incubator. And that terrifies me.

    I mentioned my last point because in many countries where abortion is banned, women are denied abortions. Take Ireland for example. It was on the news last year maybe about a 31 year old woman who was only a few months pregnant. She went to the hospital and it was determined that her body was trying to miscarry her unborn foetus, quite unsuccessfully. But as the baby still had a heartbeat, it was decided that the doctors would not terminate the pregnancy, even though it was evidently slowly killing her. I believe only a few days later she developed sever septicaemia and then this consequently lead to organ failure. And of course, she died and so did her unborn child. You would think saving one life is better than killing two. Because that was murder of a woman that could have been saved. I never want to be in that situation or want another woman to be in that situation. If she wants or needs an abortion, then she should be able to.

  • Accidents do happen

    As stated above, if a woman, or girl, is sexually abused, they wouldn't want to keep the child. If I was raped I wouldn't want to carry round a memento of the horrific occasion! I know it's not the child's fault, but it's the memory that that child brings. Also, I'm 14, and some of my friends have already lost their virginity. What happened if they were foolish, or something happened that was unexpected? Their parents would flip out, but they'd have an abortion, unless they planned a child at such a young age. Most pregnant teens would want to get rid of the child until they knew they could handle one, and if they don't, they can always go to the company that made Teen Moms!

  • Abortion is Murder

    While you should try to prevent a pregnancy until you are ready and able to have a child, once that child is conceived you have no right to murder it. Inconvenient or not, this is your child. No matter who the father is, you boyfriend , or a one night stand, or even a rapist, this is your child, and you should not kill it. You don't have to raise it, and you don't have to love it, but everyone deserves to live.
    The one exception is if it is your life, or the child's. Then you must do what you need to survive. But otherwise, nothing , not rape, or if the child has disabilities (which doctors do get wrong, BTW) , or if you are unready, or unable to care for a child gives you the right to murder it.

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