Giuliani and top Trump White House officials hacked, passwords leaked. Is cyber security up to par?

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  • No, cyber security is not up to par.

    Cyber security is not up to par. Our government and major corporations have been routinely hacked by foreign governments and hackers. Our government and industry leaders need to do more to confront hackers; going on the offense before our computer networks get hacked. We need to do more to improve cyber security.

  • It still happens.

    Unfortunately it's hard to stay on top of cyber security. As soon as someone invents a new firewall, there is someone equally as smart developing ways to attack that security. People who develop cyber security frequently underestimate just how bad the attackers really are. Cuber security is just hard to do.

  • No, if random people can hack into White House systems, there isn't much hope for the rest of us.

    This is crazy. How can someone hack into the White House. I know there are some very smart hackers out there, but with encryption technology, this should be preventable. Now, we don't have to wonder too much how the Russians got it. Whether or not Trump had anything to do with that is irrelevant in the face of this alarming news.

  • No, Cyber Security is Not Up to Par

    No, cyber security is obviously not up to par for the government if officials are being hacked. Our government needs to make more of an effort to make sure that these things are more secure before someone gets their hands on some confidential information that should not be having it.

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