Give private investigators access to phone calls and home search results

Asked by: Cacha456
  • If you don't own it, You have no right to privacy.

    If a company wants to disclose any data it keeps on its servers, It is allowed to do so. Under penalty in the court of public opinion and the free market, They can choose to give access to whomever they wish. Now if its your hard drive, Or a piece of property you bought and paid for. . . That's a different story. The only one who can rightfully (can't use the term 'legally', The two are often not one in the same) disclose that info is you.

  • I am for

    The reasons
    firstly in my opinion it will simplify the investigation
    secondly, It’s not so scary since he himself doesn’t enter the house and there will be a double check, The first part is the court the second police investigator
    who will request a license from a private investigator.
    In some countries there is a piller order and this is a kink in the other direction since it is issued to a claimant.

  • Prime for Abuse

    There are these control freaks that monitor everything their wife does. Who she see where she goes. When these women had enough and leave their husbands are not able to accept it.
    They stalk their Ex wives to the ends of the earth and want to find them. They would get private investigators and find their hiding wives again.
    Children trying to escape their abusive parents would be found. Politicians would trying to find dirt on opponents would. Bullies and cyber stalkers would find people.
    That is what will happen if you do it. Police having access to that data is enough. Last thing I want is a private investigator selling private information to TMZ and to every bored 18 year old.

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