Given the Appeals court decision that NSA data collection is illegal, should Congress renew the data collection program?

  • What do you have to hide?

    Congress should renew the data collection program after tweaking its purpose. They cast the net out way too far. They need to reel in their scope. If they don't monitor, America could be in for another massive terror attack. Consider how much good this program actually did. And really, what do you have to hide?

  • Congress should not renew anything

    Congress should not renew anything. This is because people's privacy needs to be respected by the government. Unless a new law will be made saying that the laws will be more lenient for the public, then legislation should be left as-is. People feel very insecure these days about privacy, and our government should respect that.

  • To an Extent

    This is a tough call because if you're not doing anything wrong then who cares if th NSA is monitoring us. I don't like the thought of it but I would rather surrender some of my privacy in order to catch and stop people who are out to do harm to the country.

  • No, Congress should not renew the program.

    First of all, it breaches a constitutional right-- the right to privacy. Second, there is no evidence that says that it has prevented any terrorism. It has only invaded the privacy of a huge majority of people. Congress must not renew this. I oppose big government, and this surveillance is definitely big government.

  • Congress should not renew data collection program.

    It is unlawful and should not be renewed. If the program is renewed it will just tell others that it is alright to break the law. If the general population can not do something the government should not be allowed to do it either.The government should set an example and follow the laws they set for the general population.

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