Given the current deficit crisis, should foreign aid be cut?

  • If you are behind on your mortgage, you don't help your neighbor pay his!

    With 16.5 trillion dollars in dept and trillion dollar annual deficits, only a person void of common sense would advocate adding to those numbers to support other nations. Not to mention this is all being done while cutting domestic programs. Furthermore there should not be a single cent being sent outside the US to any country, as long as there is even one hungry or homeless American!

  • Foreign Aid should be the first and foremost cut in any budget!

    It is an insult to a country's citizens if the indigenous population is struggling to make ends meet due to cuts in public spending and higher taxes while still sending hundreds of thousands of pounds overseas. It is insane to cut public spending to the bone in order to send the savings to another country, whose own government should learn to manage their finances better.

    Given the current deficit, perhaps its time to call in the favours of these willing recipients? Will they be giving generously in return? How can a government claim to have no money but still send money abroad? Why are we picking up the third world's bar tab?

    Funds for disaster relief should get a free pass, but funds sent simply as a matter of course, without an accompanying natural catastrophe, are hard to justify under any circumstances. It is essentially forced charity. Give any tax surplus back to the people you took it from, not to outstretched foreign palms!

  • Yes foreign aid should be cut given the deficit problem

    You can't give out what you don't have. If we don't have the money to help ourselves out, how can we afford to help others? We need to focus on our issues first and foremost before worrying about anyone else. It only makes financial sense. If you can't feed yourself, are you gonna give what you DO have to someone else? I suspect not. So yes I do think foreign aid should be cut right now.

  • Of Course

    As Ron Paul once said, we can export the ideas of free markets and limited government, as this creates tremendous prosperity for all the people of a nation. Other nations don't want the aid, and this money goes to the gov't, which just ends up in the hands of the wealthiest people, which makes our taxpayers subsidize wealthy people overseas. Plus, this money (as well as not reaching their real citizens), it is used to fight wars and cause more death and destruction. Cut all foreign aid off.

  • Cut it now

    It is ridiculous to send money to other countries if we can't take care of our own country and people first. Why are we giving money to countries that hate us? Makes no damn sense. I would cut it and expect every penny to be paid back to the U.S.

  • It makes no sense.

    We are paying money to country's who lean towards socialism. They believe that everyone should pay their "fair share" and basically make the same income whether you work hard or not, are a doctor or a plumber. Many of these countries citizens happily pay 70% of their income to their governments. Of course forget owning a home is probably a rarity. So if we don't share their values, why are we giving them money? And then there are countries that are harboring terrorists, and they know that they don't have to follow through on their part of the bargain and they'll still get their u.s. money. There are a few countries that we give aid to, such as Israel, that is worth it. They are leading the way in developing defense systems and sharing them with the US. I believe I read that 70% of aid given to Israel gets recirculated back into the American economy. But 96 percent receive aid from the US? That's preposterous. I believe that the rest of the world thinks that the US has a forest that grows money on trees.

  • African solutions for African problems

    That's what they say here in africa. They also say death to america and we love you China. Do you really think they deserve US aid. Let them sort out their own mess and stop blaming the west for all their problems. Also China needs to step up as they tell they basically run the governments anyway.

  • Foreign aid sucks dick

    Because we can't even help ourself let loon e them dick heads coming up in here thinking they can dick with us but we will pop thyme niggas like bride did tell my nigga in africa i said i have his parents lets make america grate again # trump for president

  • Stop the aid

    The conservative government need to cut our welfare bill by 12 billion...They say this is coming from child tax credits, but we still give away 11 billion in aid, madness complete madness, my local library has closed to cuts down, India has a space programme and we are still sending them money, complete madness when will this bloody government wake up and smell the coffee, lets help those who need to use food bank daily to survive in the UK...Get the homeless off our streets, use the 11 billion to build homeless hostels free to use etc.

  • Cut the foreign aid budget

    Cut the foreign aid budget to 0 and invest more in things such as the armed forces and NHS. Why should we be giving to these countries when our own people are on the streets themselves. I also think that the army should get increased funding because it has seen many cuts such as the selling of the harrier jump jets and also the scraping of HMS ark royal and the selling of HMS illustrious. So I say cut the foreign aid

  • Foreign aid should not be cut

    Foreign aid is critically important to diplomatic ties. More importantly, the amount of our budget it calls for is literally tiny. Less than one percent even goes towards foreign aid. Besides, America is the worlds police and we should be assisting people in 3rd world countries who really need them help.

  • No, it is important for America to help foreign countries who are less propserous.

    Helping those in need not only follows "The Golden Rule," but it promotes stronger ties throughout the world. Our economy is in bad shape, but we should not quit providing necessary aid to others because of it. I know there are many areas where foreign aid could be more efficiently used. Rather than cutting down on the amount of aid given, I think the focus needs to be monitoring and delegating the aid more efficiently, which in turn, could decrease the amount of foreign aid America spends without directly cutting it.

  • Foreign aid as a source of american POWER

    No, because first of all we have a moral imperative to help other developing countries the population of which (human beings) is often suffering. Second because foreign aid is beneficial for the United States. Foreign aid can help solve problems like global warming & increase the stability of the overall world political system, (if the whole world goes to heck so does the U.S) it can help fight issues like poverty & criminality and also reduce threats to our national security in other countries, ultimately the US benefit from all of this economically. Moreover, foreign aid is one of the prime sources of America’s soft power on the international scene & to cut it would mean a significant diminution of said soft problem. Since foreign aid is beneficial for the US economy, cutting it would mean worsening an already difficult situation.

  • Foreign aid should NOT be cut

    Foreign aid helps thousands of people all over the world. Furthermore, if foreign aid is cut, tension will rise among the countries the US is helping. Foreign aid is important to our allies, and can be crucial after a natural disaster of any sort. Also, foreign aid can also be used as a kind of trade. W give the countries aid, and they pay us back in some other way. That is why foreign aid should not be cut.

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