Given the current state of the American economy, are Wall Street investments a safe route?

  • I invest in Wall street

    Everyone needs to invest if they wish to retire. Basic fact is that average inflation is 3% a year.

    If they invest in this or that doesn't matter, there are other places to invest in other than wall street. But the current state of economy doesn't matter when investing in wall street if you don't know the correct things to wall street. You can invest in many securities including stocks, bonds, ETFs, Mutual funds. Its allways risky, but you have to diversify to manage your risk. If you can get rid of the risk using advice from others or your own financial inteligence, then you can consider wallstreet a safe route no matter what the current state of the economy.

  • Yes, I believe they are.

    I don't really believe that there is such a thing as a safe investment, but these are going to be your best bet to see some growth and protect yourself from inflation. It is a lot better than investing in gold or keeping your money in cash. I think in order to retire, most Americans still need to invest in wall street.

  • Investments are Always Risky

    Having recently lived through a recession, American's should be wary of relying on Wall Street Investments anytime soon. The stock market is inherently risky, and seems to favor those who are already well off versus those looking to get ahead. In order to stabilize the economy, investors should stay away from wall street and focus on their personal businesses and jobs.

  • No, they probably are not.

    Wall Street investments were never completely safe and now are probably even less so. And yet there are very few alternatives for regular working people who need to invest to make some money on the money they have managed to save. Naturally this does not seem to affect those born into a lot of money though.

  • Wall Street Off The Top

    I do not think the Wall Street investment options were ever a safe route to begin with. Give people with no more, all of your money, so they can make you more money? I feel that the market is too controlled and there is a large amount of corruption present.

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