Given the disappointing season the San Francisco 49ers are having, should Jim Harbaugh be fired at the end of the season?

  • The 49'ers have quit on Harbaugh

    Jim Harbaugh typifies a type of coach that often has short-term success but eventually loses control of the team as they rebel against his constant hard-nosed approach and personality. Interestingly, this type of scenario often happens in basketball, where coaches such as Doug Collins and Scott Skiles have early success with young teams before things went south. The San Francisco players have tired of Harbaugh, and it's showing in the team's results this year. It's time for him to go.

  • No, Jim Harbaugh should not be fired.

    These days, hardly any owners and/or general managers of sports franchise have nearly enough patience when it comes to building a winning team. Doing so often requires an investment of years, with time, energy, and resources expended on player development and the fostering of team chemistry. It is sickening to see this and to know that Jim Harbaugh will almost definitely be fired at the season's end, even though he has made tremendous strides improving that team.

  • No Jim Harbaugh should not be fired.

    San Francisco 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh, should not be fired be fired at the end of the season. Issues with the 49ers lead straight to the front office and the team's ownership. They need to step up and be accountable for their actions and comments and not lay the blame on the coach.

  • No. Jim Harbaugh will be able to keep his job.

    As a football player from years ago, I know that playing the game requires many seasons to be able to truly know your team and it's strengths and weaknesses. If every player and coach had to worry about losing their job if they don't succeed every year, most teams would never add up to much of anything. It takes time to build up a winning team.

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