Given the measles outbreak in Romania, should we be cracking down on vaccines in the U.S.?

  • Measles vaccine should be mandatory

    These days, any disease that is a problem for other countries will soon be in the United States. Vaccines against diseases like the measles can be prevented effectively with vaccines are they can become a serious threat to thousands of people without the vaccine. With the disease making a comeback, vaccines are needed.

  • Yes, we should.

    People who do not vaccinate their children are reducing the effectiveness of heard immunity. Unfortunately there is no easy way to make it illegal to not vaccinate your children, but there can be other things we can do as a society to help encourage people to vaccinate their children and themselves.

  • The US needs to crack down on Americans getting vaccinated for measles.

    While the outbreak in Romania does no immediately impact the US right now, it can impact the health of Americans in the near future. People travel carrying disease and at a time when society is most prone to illness, lack of vaccinations against this once deadly condition could turn into a serious national epidemic.

  • Yes, we should be cracking down on vaccines.

    The United States should be cracking down on parents that refuse to vaccinate their children. The anti-vaccination movement has created a lot of misinformation about vaccines. Vaccines have saved millions of lives by preventing devastating diseases. Children should be vaccinated to protect them from these horrible illnesses. Parents should not the health of their children at risk.

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