Given the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, do you feel laws should be passed to permanently ban the construction of new offshore drilling rigs?

  • It should be banned

    Oil drilling does need to be banned, and we need to make a swift transistion to renewable energy. Oil drilling is insane, and will simply further kill people, destroy entire societies and ruin the environment. We're drilling ourselves out of existence, we need to start recognizing that. We need to find alternatives.

  • Offshore drilling is a disgrace, as is what happened in the Gulf, therefore, I agree.

    I agree that more laws should be put in place for offshore drilling, because it is dangerous and, ultimately, hurts our environment. Besides the environmental concerns it brings to the table, there have been countless lives that have been lost by the employees who work on these offshore drilling rigs. This is not acceptable.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • New offshore drilling rigs should not be constructed, because it increases America's dependence on oil, and endangers humans and wildlife.

    In order to truly help the environment, there must be much less dependence on oil. The construction of offshore drilling rigs clearly increases America's dependence on oil, and poses a threat to all wildlife in its vicinity. It is not worth the risk to construct these rigs, and it is terrible for the environment in the long run.

  • Profits should never come before the health of humans and our environment and therefore offshore oil drilling should be banned.

    Banning offshore oil drilling will have many benefits, first being that other sources of energy will be more heavily investigated and implemented. Also, millions of people and species of wildlife should not suffer so that a huge corporation can make billions of dollars. Allowing these atrocities to occur is equal to saying that the people affected aren't as important as the money made by the oil companies.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • Offshore drilling should be permanently banned.

    I certainly believe that offshore drilling should be banned now. The major reason being that offshore drilling has not contributed any good to humanity and has negatively impact our environment, atmosphere, and wild life. The government should be united and should came up some resolution to stop offshore drilling.

    Posted by: IianDream
  • Offshore oil spills are dangerous to marine animals.

    Yes laws should be passed to permanently ban the construction of new offshore drilling rigs, as oil spills cause harm to the marine animals. The spills are sometimes eaten by the fish which in turn are consumed by human beings. This turns out to be more dangerous. It also harms the environment and threatens the shores along the coast and the birds and other wildlife are also affected.

    Posted by: CI3Hate
  • The most recent oil spill in the Gulf Coast is a perfect example of how oil companies are unable to control problems with offshore drilling rigs, and as such, justify the need for legal prohibitions against them.

    Given the demonstrated inability of BP to cap the oil leak, control the flow of oil into the Gulf, and prevent the oil from harming the ecosystem, I believe laws should be passed to not only ban the construction of new rigs, but to shut down existing rigs. This and other oil spills have caused significant damage to the oceans, to animals, and to humans; claims about the safety of these rigs and the ability of oil companies to control the impact of any accidents have been repeatedly proven false. If profit-hungry corporations are unable or unwilling to protect the world from their products and processes, representatives of the people should step in to do so.

    Posted by: CarolC
  • The government should not permanently ban new drilling rigs in the gulf, because it would make the U.S. less self-sufficient.

    If the United States permanently banned new oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, it would be more dependent on foreign oil. As a country, the United States consumes far too much oil to prohibit drilling in its most oil-rich areas. There is plenty of oil in the Gulf, and it can be safely drilled. In addition to oil, the off-shore oil rigs provide much needed jobs for the Gulf Coast. Without those rigs, many high-paying jobs would be lost, and the region would suffer economically. It is ill-advised to handicap a whole industry, just because of one accident.

    Posted by: MeatyClarence70
  • One accident, out of hundreds of wells, is not a basis to stop drilling.

    Before the oil spill in 2010, there were no major oil spills due to off-shore drilling in U.S. waters. The reason the spill was so large was due to federal bureaucratic delays in putting out floating booms to contain it, and the refusal to accept foreign clean-up ships, since they lacked U.S.-unionized crews. Stopping all oil drilling in the U.S. Gulf results in more oil drilled in nations without our stringent environmental controls, and more oil coming on ships that can sink and spill oil. The result of banning construction of new offshore drilling rigs is more oil spills in places where they won't be stopped as soon, or controlled at all.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Offshore drilling should be overseen and well regulated not eliminated.

    It wasn't just any offshore rig that caused this death and devastation; it
    was the poor regulation of it. Big companies that cut corners cost lives, and
    if they have a cozy relationship with Washington, they get away with running
    their rigs that way until it kills people. Responsible operation and management of off shore drilling is possible.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • There should not be a law to permanently ban the construction of new offshore drilling rigs, because it is obvious that we can not rely on other countries.

    We rely too much on oil in this country to dry up our ways of obtaining it here in our country. It is obvious that we can not rely on the people from the Middle East to provide us with it. Instead of banning construction, there should be measures taken to make it safer.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • New laws are not the solution, because tougher guidelines are the solution.

    Making laws to ban or stop the building of offshore drilling platforms is not the answer. The government needs to allow the oil companies to build, and then have them be held responsible for there actions, if there is some sort of disaster that takes place. Guidelines that cover building and disaster preparedness are the answer.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • The oil spill in the Gulf Coast should not stop construction of drilling platforms but restrict them to only allow drilling if they can guarantee that the amount of oil spilled in even the worst case scenario will not hurt the plants and fish in the water

    Today we rely on the large quantities of oil trapped underneath the ocean. We use oil for heating, transportation, and other everyday supplies. The Gulf Spill was not supposed to happen; as stated in their contract, they could stop any spill without harming the wildlife. If this were true I believe that they should be able to build more offshore drilling platforms. We learn from our mistakes. Eventually I know that one way or another they need more oil, but I hope that they choose to learn from the Gulf Stream spill and closely regulate whatever they decide to do. The key is that if our technology advances enough that people can guarantee that the amount of oil spilled in even the worst case scenario will not hurt the plants and fish in the water, then offshore drilling should continue.

    Posted by: M_Berger
  • I currently support the drilling of offshore rigs as the amount of oil is greatly diminishing from other nations and is quickly becoming a rare commodity.

    Although I feel that we should be distancing ourselves from dependency on oil it's important that we have a regular nationally available supply. Oil will become more scarce as time progresses and until we have full disconnection from our dependency on oil we need to have a supply available for emergency use. Plastics and automobiles use oil heavily, and offshore drilling is one of the few ways America obtains oil without foreign dependency.

    Posted by: TabithaD
  • Although the oil spill in the Gulf Coast was a very damaging accident, offshore drilling is still a must in today's society.

    Oil is needed in order for many things that we use on a daily basis and even though it's one of our Nation's dwindling resources, stopping off shore drilling because of this unfortunate accident would mean a shortage of oil supply. Regardless of the fact that damage has been done, we still can't go without oil.

    Posted by: jaamata
  • No, but there needs to be much more stringent regulations put into place.

    I don't think so. But there needs to be a lot tougher regulations in place for safety and to assure that this doesn't happen again. Unfortunately, people seem to have forgotten that several men died as a result of this accident, and that is something that shouldn't have occurred either. Put stronger guidelines in place for safety and build in redundancies so that we never have another catastrophe like this.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • I don't think banning offshore drilling is the answer, but putting in even more safety checks is the way to go.

    I don't think that we can afford to completely shut down offshore drilling, but we do need to keep this business in check as far as safety precautions and up the penalties for safety violations. By doing this I think that we will help avoid catastrophes like this in the future without affecting the world's oil supply.

    Posted by: SamDude

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