Given the opportunity, would you permanently switch your life with someone else's?

  • Yes, I would permenantly switch my life with someone elses, my life is Tedious.

    I would in fact switch my life with someone else simply because, statistically not all lives will be glamorous, lucky, exciting, and such.
    Mine is just one amongst many that are not, which means I would in fact swap my life for someone whose life is one of the above traits.

  • I want to be me

    I have my experiences, my friends and my personal history. None of that would matter in my new life, i would not know anybody. Who knows, how my new life really is? Is the other person happy, what problems would emerge? Do I even have the skills to live the life of the other person?...

  • Be Who You Are

    Among the myriad of movie stars and celebrities, politicians and world leaders, I do not think I would switch my life with another person. You never know what is behind the scenes and sometimes the way a person's life appears on the surface is drastically different. Besides, if I switched with another person, I would no longer be connected with my own family and circle of friends. I would be the loser for that.

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