Giving cellphones or tablets to a baby just to stop them from crying or make them eat. Is. It right?

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  • No that is a bad idea.

    1. Kids can click and buy stuff. They can click on adds and open apps or do chaotic things. (ok so I use the kid setting)
    2. It does something to their brains. The baby is in a state of pure brain development. You have to talk and interact with the baby to get them to develp their brain. The leading authorities even reccomend not having your child with a screen to thier face until they are 3 or 5 years old.

    Taking them to their grandparents is a great option, Unless you have no grandparents and you are single. Try to give them a baby toy or a box to play with or something to stop them from crying.
    Because next thing you know you will have child that will expect to have a phone or tablet 24/7

  • It is the wrong decision.

    I think is a wrong technique, Because you just want to make them stop. It gets addictive to the babies they will ask for it, And I think it is not safe for the baby. This is not a way to run from responsibility. It makes good sense that lots of screen time isn't healthy for any child, And may not be an ideal activity for babies. Nor should it substitute for good old playtime. Parents need to avoid overdoing it, Too.

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