• Yes, I believe he should.

    I'm not sure how many fans will transfer to his own show and he may find that he's not as popular as he thinks. I think his views are very extreme and he should have stayed on Fox with like minded individuals. I think it is only a matter of time before he's back.

  • Fox is Worthless

    I do not believe Glen Beck should have stayed with Fox News. Fox News and CNN are both pretty useless news sources. Explore more and find a wide variety of news sources. Don't stick with either of these stations because they aren't reporting fairly, accurately, or in a news worthy manner. Beck and all the other news casters should run.

  • Glen Beck should not have stayed on Fox News

    Glen Beck should not have stayed on Fox News, and in fact should not have a TV show at all. He only seeks to say completely outlandish things in order to gain ratings for his show, and rarely has any opinions that cannot be readily refuted. He has repeatedly offended large groups of people and has an overwhelming lack of common sense and decency.

  • He didn't make them money.

    No, Glen Beck should not have stayed on Fox News, because he was so extreme. Advertisers were hesitant to buy on his show, so he was not a money maker for Fox News. Besides, Beck is making a lot of money on his own internet channel, so this is the most profitable for Beck and for Fox.

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