• They all rant.

    Yes, Glen Beck would fit in on MSNBC, because the people on MSNBC like to rant and rave without a lot of reason behind it. Chris Matthews is a good example. There's a lot of style, a lot of rage, but not a lot of substance. For that reason Glen Beck and MSNBC would be a perfect fit.

  • Glen Beck Now on MSNBC

    Glen Beck`s longstanding career in media, radio, policy commenting, producing and book writing supports his presence on MSNBC. His firm positions on definitive issues such as preserving American values and conspiracy theories may provoke certain auditorium circles, but his critical point of view and experience and media acumen will definitely flatter the show.

  • No, he wouldn't.

    Unless they were looking for an opposite viewpoint that they could openly mock, then no, he wouldn't fit in on MSNBC. They are a very liberal media outlet and Glen Beck is a radical conservative. I think this would be a recipe for disaster and make a mockery of both Glen and MSNBC is they allowed this to happen.

  • Glen beck on MSNBC

    Glen Beck is such a brillliant man and many americans would like to know if he would be great on tv for MSNBC. Im really not sure if he would be great for tv because I dont even know exactly who Glen Beck is. He must be someone very important to even be considered for tv.

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