Glenn Beck wants on your TV: Is Glenn Beck better to listen to than Mark Levin?

  • Love Glenn Beck

    There is no comparison between Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. Glenn wins hands down. He is funny, straight talking and an all around good guy, Sure his opinions are strong but someone needs to say it already. I am still floored Fox cancelled him, it is a disgrace and I await him to pop back up soon.

  • Beck, Levin, Same Side of a Crazy Coin.

    I disagree that Glenn Beck is better to listen to than Mark Levin. There is no difference between the two. They both make their living by inciting the radical fringe of the republican party. Levin makes statements about the President being a former crack addict and Beck often compares the President to Hitler. This has been a proven way of attaining success as a social commentator, but in my opinion, it all comes off as a competition to say the most shocking things one can get away with by a myriad of interchangeable talking heads.

  • No, Glenn beck is not better to listen to than Mark Levin.

    Both radio broadcasters have views that differ from large segments of the population. What sets these two talk show hosts apart is Beck wants to create a media empire based on brain washing and turning moderate republicans into tea party extremists who overstep boundaries and cross lines to get their point across.

  • No he is not

    Mark Levin is very educated and has a lot of experience in the White House. He knows what he is talking about and is interesting to listen to. Glenn Beck, on the other hand, just goes off on mindless rants. His whole goal is to get viewers by stirring up fear.

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