• I think the foods people eat do play a big factor (among other things as well of course)

    I think many of us know of many of the usual things causing climate change/possible causes- but if you ever mention that the foods you may be eating could play a significant factor (such as beef) then that's when they get defensive.

    If anything is going to change a lot of people really need to change the way their lifestyle is and treating the world- but I doubt that is going to change anything soon.

  • Natural vs man-made

    Climate change has always existed to some degree. There have been varying amounts of greenhouse gases for centuries and thus the climate and global temperature fluctuated - in a more or less set range, In which life was possible.
    All living things are made of carbon, And so when animals and plants die, All the carbon gets trapped under mud and layers. Over time they turn into oil. So we have a lot of carbon trapped inside our earth, And some in our atmosphere to keep the temperatures relatively stable to allow life on earth.
    But, Once we started burning oil, We started to release that trapped carbon. The greenhouse gas levels rose and still rise today, So more heat gets trapped in our atmosphere by the carbon and heats our planet. No, Not only because of natural causes. If it were natural causes, It wouldn't be as much. But we are heading to or already are outside that range and if we don't stop putting so much previously trapped carbon into the atmosphere, We'll end up destroying our own - and only - home.

    Even if you're religious and conservative: Jesus was against greed and wanted us to be humble and only take what we need. We should take care of nature, Since it's the home given us by God, And treat it right, So it treats us right. But what are we doing now? Too greedy to stop and admit our mistakes, Literally killing what God has created for us.
    And, Even if you still don't believe in climate change: There's still a reason to start using renewable energy - because at some point we will have used up all the oil.
    "But there's this one study that says it's not going to eb THAT bad! " - but it still WILL BE, Right? And a bunch of other studies say it's going to kill us all, Do you really want to risk it? Plus, For something to become an objective fact, A truth, There have to be many many studies that can replicate the same result or find evidence for something. That's what we have withman-made, Possibly fatal climate change. You don't "believe" in climate change, You don't "believe" in scientific facts. You either accept them and do something about it, Or you deny it like a complete idiot.
    "But we produce very little compared to nature! " - Yes, But even that comparably little amount does a lot of damage. The conditions for life were perfect on our planet, And still are (for some time), That's why we can't find other planets with a whole lot of life. And changing even a bit of it can easily ruin everything, The earth's eco system is complicated and sensitive. We can't treat it like some rock and suck out it's insides to burn it in our machines, We have to treat it like a delicate little bird that will only help us if we protect it.

  • Global warming happening

    Change in climate has put a question mark on earth survival. Rapid melting of glaciers, Warming of oceans, The rise in pollution level are biggest problem earth is facing due to our spices greed and unplanned development. We all should focus upon this problem try the best solution to cop up it

  • Our son, A G2V class star. At the sun's core, Hydrogen is being turned into helium. It consumes about 600 million tons hydrogen per second

    CO2 is what plants crave. Dihydrogen monoxide is the most abundant green house gas on the planet, There is a finite amount of water on the planet - with very miniscule deviations almost not worth mentioning. Our planet has gone through many temperature and climate changes, The glaciers have ascended and grown, And then receded, Sometimes to the point of almost all glaciers being melted. Volcanoes eruption and asteroid impacts and earth quakes have released noxious gases, Green houses gases, Some from natural deposits as well. There is also the phenomena of seasonal changes as well. Global warming, Global cooling, Its nothing new. Smog created by factories, That is a new method for sure, To what extent it has on the climate has yet to be accurately measured. Its local effects are obvious, Anything more than that is far from it. The sun effects are planets weather patterns on a much larger scale than most climatologist are "allowed" to talk about.

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