• It is the biggest threat

    It is one of the biggest threat as it is occurs highly in nature and is now not in our control. The global warming had exceeded all its limit. Due to it only the all natural things are taking place in all parts of the world including the japan earthquake.

  • Global Warming Is The Biggest Threat Of All

    Global warming is the biggest threat of all because it is causing glaciers to melt, which will end in worldwide flooding, wiping out many land plants and land species, including us! The only living creatures alive will be aquatic. We will have to evolve all over again if we even do evolve! There is a very big chance that after this, the evolution stage will be completely wiped out, and we won't ever exist!

  • More care about this

    At this stage where we are now is being a critical stage. If we fail to control our wishes by destroying our environment then all natural and non natural things will be out of control in future. We are the greatest living creature on our earth if we will destroy others home then they or others will definitely destroy us. So we should control our extra ordinary wises and keep earth as it was.

  • We need more evidence

    At the current moment in time, there is no proof that the current warming trend is not normal for the planet. The planets cycles last for hundreds of thousands to millions of years. It is not illogical to believe that it's possible that this is simply a normal change and that 10,000 years from now the earth will cool.
    We should not be as concerned about 'global warming'. We need to take focus away from the global warming concept and instead just worry about the pollution that we are causing and that we can see the immediate effects of. By focusing on the things that we can actually see and quantify, if we are indeed responsible for global warming, our actions to reverse and prevent further pollution in our own habitat will reverse whatever effects we've had on global warming.
    Personally, I think that the problem isn't global warming, the problem is that our society needs to stop focusing on profit and start focusing on life.

  • There are other things

    Well, if global warming is caused by pollution. We can stop pollution right! So global warming is not the biggest threat. There are bigger threats like if a huge star explodes causing a black hole or if a comet or meteoroid hit earth so there are far more bigger threats.

  • Overpopulation is the most threatening

    The largest threat to humanity is the increasingly rapid expenditure of resources due to the already unsustainable population. A critical point will eventually be reached due to lack of intervention, in which the population will be unable to decrease in time no matter the birth control limits, before effectively all of our resources are expended.

  • Not Even Close

    The biggest threat to mankind is mankind. The way we are going with free, overall good nations like the U.S. becoming soft and weak plus violent and aggressive nations like Iran getting worse and with the rise of Radical Islamic Terror; we now are on a very quickly moving path to self-destruction.
    After ourselves, the biggest threat to mankind are celestial objects like asteroids and comets. We have not come even close to finding, let alone mapping the trajectories of celestial objects. Plus, by the time we see one coming, there is no time to deal with it.

  • We have a way out

    It is probable that the warming effects of greenhouse gases can be entirely mitigated through geo-engineering. (e.G. The dispersal of sulfate aerosols in the upper atmosphere) These short term fixes are promising and may save us from bearing the brunt from all of those worst case scenarios that people talk about.

  • It is not the worlds biggest threat.

    Global warming Is not the biggest threat. This is because by 2050 the Earth would be overpopulated. However some may argue by saying that global warming is already occurring, but overpopulation has the worst effects; thereby wiping out the Earths citizens faster. But we shouldn't single out just one problem.

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