Globalization: Is cultural globalization a force for good?

  • Globalization does not have bad intentions

    Globalization is a force that does not have bad intentions. As it is easier to get from place to place and cultures diverge at a great rate, it is bond to happen that cultures will mix and mingle. However, we do need to make sure that we do keep some of our cultural identity to bring about diversity.

  • To Easier Understand Where People Are Comeing From

    The world seems to have a problem with being scared of the unknown. Can anyone blame them? That being said, why not make the unknown known? Cultural globalization allows us to be more tolerant of a world that is getting smaller each day. Seven billion people and counting are living on this planet. Might as well all be able to get along and the Internet is a good place to start.

  • Each Countries Unique Culture

    However, as the globalization continues, of course the cultures would be mixed. The main reason why this may be the problem is that when people are having a mixed culture, it could be much friendlier but would forget our own culture. Each country has its own culture that represents their country. The only culture that they have is the one they should remain and show as the original they are. However, when people have the globalization, their own culture would be gone and the unique culture of each countries would be gone.

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