Globalization: Is globalization a force for good?

  • Yes, Globalization is Force for Good

    It help to transfer the knowledge, Skills, Information, Technology, Money, Goods and Service from country to country, Its helped the country to develop and developing,
    Globalization is rising the skills of individual, Society and education level also it incresing the income for country and individual.

  • I agree, globalization is a force for good.

    Globalization has changed in many ways, we have new technology. For example, we have phones, computers, electronic toys, television, houses with furniture, and many more. We did change globalization a lot with technology. Back then, we had mini shelters and campfires to keep us warm, we had different style of clothing, different type of music. Children are learning differently and more faster with technology. We can communicate better with email, texting, and calling instead of writing letters. You can play online on your x-box and communicate with somebody from another country. Globalization is changing ablot, and that's why it is a force of good.

  • Yes, I think globalization is a force for good

    I believe that globalizations force is good for you and it is making our world more efficient and updated, it is something we use in our everyday life styles, I do believe that in the future, our globalizations force could go too far, but if we keep control of it, it can be very helpful to humans. Because of globalizations force we have created machines to cure diseases and to help us communicate with people across the world, or to send help and to transport things from place to place.

  • Yes, I agree with this!

    Globalization is a force for good, because it helps us get to know one another in different countries, just from going on the Internet I've met different people from America, China, around Canada and even in the UK. I think it helps with the understanding of different places and people's ideas in those places because people in China can now talk to the people in Canada, if they had a business proposition they can make a deal using a Chat Site, Video Conference, Via Text Message and/or Calling them. That is why I agree.

  • Yes, I believe that Globalization is a force for good.

    I believe that Globalization is a force for good because, It unites the world. From, transportation, to telegraph, or more recently the Internet. Globalization simply unites us. Every ones lifestyle, and reasoning are an open book for anyone to see. We Start to realize that whether your in china, or America we are all the same. Globalization eliminates those boundaries, and in my opinion there has been less international turmoil because of it.

  • Economic Globalization is Great

    A global market economy is the single biggest way to lift millions of people from abject poverty. The more people that can be involved in the global marketplace, the more people can raise their standards of living, and global trade makes such ventures possible. Globalization therefore is a tremendous force for good.

  • How is death good

    Ok many think I am a nut head. But hear me out... Globalization is the reason rich countries get richer and poorer countries get poorer. This means the poor countries has no food, water or healthcare. So people cannot be treated for example in a place like Sierra Leone from a disease like Ebola. Due to its poor economy

  • No I don't think globalization is force for good.

    Yes there are some good aspects to globalization, but overall, I think globalization is bad. For one, the idea of a border-less world (which is the goal of globalization), could result in the loss of cultures. The most successful would take over the less successful. Languages would be lost, beliefs would be lost. In my opinion, globalization is not a force for good. I believe that variety on earth within different cultures helps humans know how to deal is bigger issues, and that practice of trying to figure out how to deal with big issues would be lost if we all had very similar ideas and were all under the same government.

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