• Globalisation is desirable

    Globalisation is the way in which companies, ideas and lifestyles are spreading around the world with increasing ease. Globalisation increases the likelihood of LEDCs such as India to become an AC and/or an MEDC such as the UK and the United States. Globalisation provides people living in LEDCs with jobs, thus they can earn money...

  • Globalization is desirable.

    Globalisation is a fact. According to Aydın BOYSAN globalisation means that connected world. It has some aspects. For example; economic globalisation, politic globalisation, communication... People reach product equally by force of globalisation. On the same way companies sell product easily. So that globalisation have so many positive effects. Good to ask you.

  • Globalization is desirable.

    Globalization is desirable because it opens up a world of
    possibilities. Globalization can provide
    corporations with a dedicated work force at a lower price. Globalization can provide consumers with a
    much wider selection of affordable products to choose from. I believe that globalization will eventually
    cause a lot of personal growth for a lot of people.

  • I believe most of globalization is desirable.

    I believe that the sharing of culture and ideas on a global level is very desirable and can lead to a greater understanding between different countries. However, I do believe it is important that these countries do not lose their identity. I believe in the sovereignty of nations and that borders exist for a reason.

  • Just no hell nah

    I don't rly know wether its good or bad since my life is pretty fucking lit and i really don't give a fuck about how other ppl is fucking living. I m only saying its bad cuz my essay in my socials class that i have to say its fucking bad while i m still searching for any fucks to give on globalization lol

  • The cons of globalisation are overlooked!

    Globalisation disrupts local economies. Due to the spread of culture and opening of business franchises around the world, many small businesses are failing. For example, McDonalds, a very popular fast food chain globally, however, have you ever considered the effect of its success on a local cafe or a local restaurant. Due to the spread of the American culture through countries like Australia, England and others their local culture is diminishing. Instead of eating a sausage roll and Australian foods on Australia day I witnessed many people at McDonalds. Globalisation causes people to forget their roots, it causes a loss culture.

  • Is globalization a good or a bad thing.

    I think that globalization is good in ways but it can be bad. Globalization can cause owners to use child labour which causes children under the age of 15 to be order to work for money instead of an education. Its also cause but the technologies because kids at young ages learn that talking and making friends online is fun, but it can also lean to dangerous people that are pretending to be someone they are not. Globalizations is also helping businesses with there technologies so that businesses can us e technologies to print and to advertise products to get more business. But, some of the business are going bad because they're are using illegal stuff to make business example; child pornographic, child labour, illegal music download, and plenty more. Globalization is a good for helping business but, it can also be bad with businesses. Although globalization helps people realize what they're doing doesn't mean they ever stop when they can get away with it. It helps people use online stuff to help them kidnap,kill, stalk, and hurt children and adults with technologies. Anyone could get away with anything because technologies are easy to hack to get away with any illegal stuff. Technologies are used for cyber bully that can cause children to do bad things like suicide, and drugs/alcohol.

  • I believe that Globalization is not desirable.

    I believe that overall, globalization is not ultimately bad, but not completely good either. There are good and bad sides to everything in life, especially about globalization. I think that because of globalization; kids and people all over the world are dying from unnecessary causes. Like the growth in technology, it has had a huge impact of everyday living. With today's technology there has been more online predators who tries to lure girls and boys into meeting them, which is dangerous. Technology also has an impact on children and how they are not being active anymore because of technology. 30 years ago, kids were playing outside, finding things active to do. Where now; kids are inside on technologies and not enjoying nature. So, I think globalization is not desirable because of all the negative impacts that we would all be better of if these did not exist.

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