• yes it is

    When Saddam Hussein was captured by Delta Force soldiers in December of 2003 from a spider hole in Iraq, he had an unloaded Glock 18C on him. Four Delta force soldiers later presented the pistol to President George Bush, and according to friends and long-time associates it because a favorite memento of his, and for nearly 5 years he kept the mounted glass-encased pistol in the Oval Office. Before Mr. Bush left the White House in January, he made arrangements for the gun to be shipped to a national archives warehouse just 18 miles north of his new home in Dallas. No official word on whether the gun will for sure be present in the presidential library, but according to Mr. Bush’s friends and associates he intends to display it there.

  • The Glock 18 is basically an auto version of the Glock 17

    It is basically the same, only the Glock 18 has auto, making it more flexible than the Glock 17. Personally I would never use auto, but it is an important feature to some, so I understand that it is better. Still, both guns are off the wall AMAZING guns and kick @$$

  • Glock 18 is higher quality.

    Glock 18 is better than Glock 17, just because Glock 18 is slightly higher quality than Glock 17.The Glock 18 is so accurate and powerful, that is is only available to law enforcement agencies. This is a very high quality weapon that is something to be respected, because it is powerful.

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