GM Head Fires 15 Over 13 Deaths in Failed Recall: Has GM Flawed Product Safety System Been Fixed?

  • No, the Flawed Product Safety System has not been fixed

    I do not think that the flaw in the product safety system of GM has been fixed. The only thing that has happened is that some people have been fired for public relations purposes. I think the company still has to prove that they have fixed all the safety issues with their product.

  • My Van has this problem

    My Van has this problem where it just dies out while driving it has happened to me at least 7 times. I have witnesses to the fact but they say my Vin# is not in the recall a Pontiac Montanna V6 Van 2006.
    I loose all power to everything, Steering ,Brakes, all power and have to coast to side of road and wait and restart it and wait a bit to make sure it stays on . My State Pa. Took a report on it and I have the complaint they sent to GM about my Van nothing back as yet. I am getting rid of the thing Bought it used 2013 March nothing but headaches.

  • The GM system has not been fixed.

    The current fixes are a mere band-aid to fix a fundamentally central problem within their corporate culture. Granted, this is a step in the right direction, but it is not enough. Rather than merely firing a few mid-level employees, there needs to be a fundamental shift in corporate culture towards ensuring the safety of products above profits.

  • It's smoke and mirrors.

    No, GM flawed product safety has not been fixed, because GM has a long history of problems with their cars. Firing all of those people was just a publicity stunt. GM hopes that we think that the problem will go away. But GM hasn't really done anything to address the problem, other than work on their public relations.

  • No, Gm still has a flawed safety system.

    GM is still putting minimal effort into fixing the safety systems of the faulty products. They would rather produce mass quantities and hope they sell, rather than, putting a little more effort into the safety systems to protect the consumer. It will be just a matter of time before we see another recall happen with GM automobiles, but hopefully this time no one will die because of GM's laziness.

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