Gm Recalls 117,000 vehicles: Would you still consider buying a GM in the future?

  • Yes, I would still consider buying a GM in the future despite a recall.

    Recalls on vehicles are not an uncommon thing. The objective of an auto maker initiating a recall is to maintain safety, and presumably once vehicles have been recalled the issue is thoroughly addressed and corrected. Therefore it's the responsible action of GM to make the recall, and I would not hold it against the company in the future or let it deter me from buying one of their products in the end.

  • Offer Lower Prices

    I honestly believe the policies regarding recalls need to be better addressed, especially for the customer. It seems like recalled vehicles simply get a patched up fix and then the consumer is stuck with it. I don't feel that is an appropriate response when the produced product is faulty. None the less there isn't a car manufacturer that has went without recalls. So, if you decide not to buy GM because of a recall you my as well exclude the other manufacturer's as well.

  • Buying a Vehicle is More a Matter of Price

    A growing number of vehicle manufacturers tend to recall cars because of various technical issues in recent years. It`s not only GM, but also Toyota, VW, etc. Nevertheless dealers are reporting higher sales every year. Nowadays buying a car has turned out to be more a matter of price, as well as fuel consumption levels, and security comes out after them. If attractive price is offered buyers will continue buying GM nevermind the past technical issues.

  • Pffft, no way.

    Poor gas mileage, average safety reports, and terrible reliability. Why would I buy anything like that when other companies offer something better in every aspect. If you want a vehicle that you can feel comfortable in knowing that it will always do what you need it to then the overwhelming voice of reason is to go with a major Japanese brand (honda, toyota, subaru). I sold my old subaru impreza with 220,000 miles on it and it ran perfectly, It had also been in a rollover accident about 5 years before I bought it and it was still amongst the greatest cars I've ever had. I now drive a 2010 Subaru forester and plan to teach my now 5 year old son to drive in it. I'm sure it will last, but I could never make a similar confident claim of any american car, let alone something by GM.

  • No, I would not buy a GMC vehicle

    With the amount of vehicles recently recalled, and the bail out that GMC received years ago, my confidence in their ability to produce reliable vehicles has been shattered. To me, their obvious goal is to make a profit, without the concern for safety of consumers. If a company is not concerned with my safety, they do not deserve my patronage.

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