God Created the Universe, He ♥s us, and He is Holy. Write me if you don't agree.

Asked by: LaughItUpLydia
  • Yes, there is a substantial amount of evidence.

    Scientific evidence supports God, Creation and the Bible. Atheists reject the evidence and therefore atheism is a religious position which rejects science whilst creationism accepts scientific reality. Faith in Jesus Christ is a religious position which is based in reality and accepts all operational scientific findings. We agree with evolutionists with everything except their conjectures which have not demonstrable support. God is true and let every man who denies Him be a liar.

  • The Earth was not made by any sort of Big Bang.

    It is a theory, an unexplained theory that is for people so desperate for an answer yet they are too close-minded to believe that a God created it. Science cannot prove anything that supports the Big Bang Theory. Why is it 2014 if the Earth is 68 billion years old? Because the Bible is true and the theory of evolution is not, that's why. Remember A.D. And B.C.? Those are now getting changed to some other ridiculous abbreviation only to pull us away from the facts, the truth. What do you have to say to that?

  • I believe the bible and the facts.

    Although I am Catholic and do believe in a God, not only can I not denounce other religions, but I have to accept some facts. An example of some things I know to be true: Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, and the universe was likely created by an instantaneous and massive expansion of matter. And seeing as science has yet to prove the big bang theory, I believe that it was created by God. And I'm not close-minded, so if the big bang theory is validated, I will ask what created the circumstances to create the big bang to create the universe? It is impossible for a universe of matter and life to just come from nothing. So I believe God created the big bang to create us, and I will never stop looking for answers.

  • God created the universe and all things known to man!

    God created everything that we know of today and he most certainly created the universe. He loves us so much that he even died on the cross for us. He loves us so much that he created a place that we can go to after we die and be without sin. That wonderful place is Heaven. And if you are a person who does not believe in God. I will be directing my prayers to people like you. And hopefully in the name of God, you will change your thoughts about our holy father. " I believe in one God, the father almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth…"

  • God's not dead he's surely alive! Breathing on the inside, roaring like a lion!

    Look, not everything can be scientifically proven. If the Big Bang Theory can't be proven and you're using THAT as your evidence, I can say that even though science can't prove it, God is real. Look, who told the cavemen to drink water? Nobody, that's who. "Oh, well they had instincts!" well who gave them instincts? "Apes!" well who told apes? "They had instincts too!" who told them? See, it all goes back to the beginning of time. I, too, wonder "Who made God?" and i think the answer lies in the passage of time. One theory of mine is that we are in an infinite time cycle, and when the world dies, time starts over. Maybe God is really from the future? I don't know how it started. That's the thing. You don't know. But, God is real and people have seen him. How much more proof do you want? How did that little boy who's appendix burst, die, come back to life, and know about his sister who died in his mom's stomach. She never told him, just like his dad never told him about his grandfather, Pop, he was so close to. What more proof do you want? I just can't see how you could think he doesn't exist. But you'll see, in a long time perhaps, but everyone dies. And everyone goes to Heaven since God forgives everyone of their sins. And maybe he's ettingbad things happen so he can have more angels, to releve people of their suffering, before they hurt themselves and others. Maybe, because he knows he can help, but he has 7 billion other people he needs to help, too. And if we had everything we could ever want at any time we want, what fun would that be? The experience of life is wanting something, waiting so long to get it, then finally getting it. It's the best feeling in the world. And if you lived forever and never died, then what would be the point of doing anything? You could just do it tomorrow. He also needs to make room for new people. People who have exceeded al lengths of happiness and die, don't feel bad, it's because they were so happy, they will make the greatest angels. And you know what, I will belive in God no matter what, and never doubt his judgements. He has his reasons, and they must be pretty great ones, or he would have never made them.

    Posted by: kk17
  • God did not create the Universe. God does not love us.God is not Holy. God did not create all of Humanity.

    God did not create anything. A matter of fact God is another word for Diety? Do you even know the True and Proper name for The supposed Creator of the Universe? Do even know them at all? If they are real or not real? What makes you think if of course you believe in this God Delusion that you are correct? What makes anyone with religious beliefs in the Creator of the Universe think this isn't a man made religious concept? What if the Creator of the Universe is just a figment of many people's imaginations going crazy due to years of spiritual enslavement because of other religious organizations taking advantage of these weak and stupid people? This is nothing more then a religious form of systematic control to keep people from coming to The Knowledge of The Truth. This is what I call "The God Program" and far too many people have fell victim to it for far too long. But then again what if my belief that there is no Creator of The Universe is wrong? I'll then choose to reject the Holy Spirit of this supposed Creator of The Universe.

  • You have no evidences.

    If others say: "When the Big Bang Theory is right, who did the BIg Bang?" and for them this is a rhetorical question they answer with "GOD!". So I am asking: "When God created the universe, who created god?" And for me it is both rhetorical and non-rhetorical. And if anybody says:" He was just there from the beginning." then I can say:"NOPE! Nothing comes from nothing and if it does the Big Bang can too. No doubt that the Big Bang theory is a more credible theory than a god who created the universe. God was an answer to our metaphysical questions. WAS! Today, the science can answer some little pieces of them. And these little pieces are saying subtle: "A God can't exist." Sure, science can't tell the truth everytime, but science does not lie as religion does. Your God is not even air, because air exist even if I cant see it. But if you were attentive in Chemistry you would knew that you can prove air.

  • What did you say?

    "Why is it 2014 if the Earth is 68 billion years old? Because the Bible is true and the theory of evolution is not, that's why. Remember A.D. And B.C.? Those are now getting changed to some other ridiculous abbreviation only to pull us away from the facts, the truth. What do you have to say to that?"

    Because we started tracking our time using a calender since...
    And the second thing is because Before Christ and After Christ are lame, Christ is meaningless to our history. And I tried to message you but you don't accept messages anymore. I was just going to say "I don't agree" tho.

  • Why do we need answers?

    I know who I am today, and I'm very conscious of what makes me and those around me happy. That's all that really matters to me. From a short-sighted point of view, discussing God and evolution between two ignorant people just becomes a drag; neither person gives any ground and both people endlessly defend their own egos.

    Discussing God and evolution (or whatever you believe in) can be boiled down into simpler subjects, like purpose or meaning. And then let's discuss what our individual purposes and meanings in life are. For instance, I've found that, by listening to my gut and observing my own behavior, my life is meaningless without other people there to be a part of it. In that way, I don't worship God in the biblical sense.

    Any religious follower or scientist can interpret my conclusion in their own terms, but the conclusion is the same whether I worship God by helping my fellow man or I'm fulfilling my innate desires by collecting with others of my species.

    Neither religious nor scientific folks bother me until they decide that their beliefs make them better than other people.

    Posted by: Shlo
  • If "God" loves us so much then why is he letting all of this bad things happen?

    If this "God" loves us so much then why does he sit here and watch innocent people get murdered, raped, robbed, beaten, watching kids starve, watch all these wars happen, watched slavery happen, and a bunch of other terrible acts of humanity. How? And plus there is no proof "God" even exists, the Bible was just made up of by a bunch of misogynistic men.

  • There is no evidence to suggest that God either exists or created the universe.

    However if God does exist and actually loves us then why do lots of innocents die every year due to others and natural disasters? If God created the world and us and has control over this then why do people kill each other, why are people born mentally disabled, why is there poverty and starvation and why are people still born?
    If God created the universe then why does he let it be full of pain and hardships? Either he doesn't love us, or simply doesn't exist.

  • I do believe in a creator, but it cannot be proven that there is one.

    As I said, I do believe in a creator, but the fact is that it cannot be proven that one exists. I certainly do not place the faith I have in old writings. The burden of proof falls to the creationist. Science demands proof, that is the way it works. I personally believe that since we cannot know exactly how an unfathomably ancient event occurred, it is irrelevant. The love of a possible deity for man is a philosophical and religious notion. It is one that I hold to, but it is not a scientific fact. Faith is a leap that, I would argue, all people make to an extent. Some jump farther than others.

  • I'm sure that god would be a nice guy, but evolution is real.

    Why is everyone thinking that the Christian God created the universe? What if Zeus, Poseidon and Hades made it? What if Allah made it? You're saying that your god has sufficient proof, but I'm sure those gods also have evidence like yours.
    Evolution is how the world works. Not everything existed at once, and were all wiped out like Tribolites, Dinosaurs, Mammoths etc. I bet many of these species weren't in the bible, and they all died because evolution. We have bones and corpses of these things. Evolution is that animals change with the world. I don't see how that is illogical.

  • There Is No Need for That Hypothesis.

    Everything we scientifically know about the natural world, of life, and of the universe operates beautifully without the requirement or the necessity of supernatural agents. Granted, what we know about the cosmos is not nearly all their is, indeed it's but a fraction of what's left to learn. But everything that is known is known because it's proven. The same cannot be said of your invisible space deity. That of course doesn't mean he/she/it cannot exist, but only that the religious faith-based explanations of origins have never been proven, and therefore carry no weight in challenging, or dispelling, scientific facts. Moreover, it is altogether unhelpful, not to mention arrogant, to inject unassailable supernatural intervention into any question that is particularly hard to answer.

    The cosmos is vast and wonderful, and we, by the sheerest accident, are around to witness it, if only for a moment. The idea of a god at the center of it all, one who cares about us and what we eat and who we love and what we do with our genitals, is altogether petty and belittling, and a disgrace to human reason.

  • No evidence for God.

    While religion was once a practical way of explaining the unexplained, modern science has dispelled most beliefs that were present in religions. With no evidence for God other than an old book, why believe in him? Why hold back your knowledge of the universe to believe in something written by men thousands of years ago? All evidence points to the big bang having happened and continued observations only continue to strengthen the theory.

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A_Flying_Toaster says2014-04-26T16:51:34.787
So let me get this straight, he loves us eternally even though he had drowned us out in a worldwide flood for no good reason whatsoever? Sorry, if that is his fatherly love I think I'll go search elsewhere. Thanks. And by the way, God is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, therefore, science deems he cannot be true.
Mike01506 says2014-04-28T20:20:41.643
I agree A_Flying_Toaster, God with it's infinite fundamental flaws with its army of the ignorant as followers.
At one point, religion was a good thing. Now it's just ridiculous.