God created the world in literal 6 days not using millions of years or 'guided' evolution. All naturally occurring things are according his set laws.

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God created the world in literal 6 days not using millions of years or 'guided' evolution. All naturally occurring things are according his set laws.
  • God, the supreme being

    As we make more progressions in "science" we are confirming more and more the truth of Christianity. Think about it if there is no God then how would everything be put together so wonderfully and meticulously crafted? Death came into the world because of sin, and there would obviously be death if there were millions of years between germ and human. Furthermore, I affirmily assert that there is a glorious God who created the world lawfully in 6 days and rested on the 7th because if there were not then the world would be thrown out of orbit and all logic and reasoning would be lost in our 'accidentally' created minds.
    In the end only one of us is right, but I would sure hate to be an atheist and find out that I was wrong at the gates of hell.

  • As long as your applying to science.....

    So often i have heard multiple variations of saying, "its science or religion." Yet its not! Evolutionists are the one who really have "blind faith" because there is so little evidence to support the "hypothesis" of evolution. (it doesn't even have enough support to be a theory!) there are no fossilized records of any "missing links" nor do many of the amino acids sequences in the DNA of "related" organisms match! (which would be expected of anything that evolved!) there are many, many, many fine tuned laws of nature that when change in the dos minuscule way would cause the universe to be uninhabitable! How can you say that was by chance? There are many more scientific evidences for creation in 6 days, but they go deeper and more detailed than this discussion can reach.

  • I believe in god

    God made every thing on earth!!! I agree with RookieApologist that he didn't do it in literary in 6 days. Some thing so big and beautiful can not be done in 6 days. But he made Earth and those who say no do not believe in god. I think that is mortifying that people don't believe.

  • Of course God made Earth in six literal days.

    I'm a messianic Jewish woman who believes in both God and science. But I don't completely believe in science. How can people accept that man evolved from monkeys? (Or to be politically correct, australopithecus afarensis.) But have any of you atheists ever seen Pluto personally? You know, flew out and seen it? Have you seen the electric waves that pulse through your brain that create what is known as thoughts? Neither have I. But we are told that they're there. Has anyone seen the Big Bang? Or monkeys grow into humans? Nope! I believe that God gave us science as way to explain what we can't understand. He didn't give it to us to replace Him with it.

  • Nope, not even close.

    The world, or planet Earth, was created from elements of an exploded star. This process, planetary formation, takes more than 6 literal days, and needs not a creator; furthermore a day is one rotation of the earth, so if there was no earth, then there was no day.
    How would everything be put together/crafted so wonderfully and meticulously?
    This question smuggles in an agent by using the phrasal verb "put together" and the verb "crafted," so the question alone assumes a meticulous agent that can "craft."
    How did everything come about naturally?
    The universe began from a quantum fluctuation where there was zero energy. Zero energy, is an unstable state, such that zero energy cannot remain, and energy must arise from such a state. When there was no universe, there was no matter or space, so once energy arose from the quantum fluctuations, so did space, and it began to expand given the proportion of such small space and the available energy from quantum fluctuations.
    So our universe's origin is natural.
    The earth's origin is natural.
    As long as we don't smuggle in the answer we want to our questions, the origins of "everything" can be explained naturally.

  • Bunch of fiction.

    Anyone who paid attention to the story would see it false. Think about it, with so many things wrong with the description, why would anyone take it seriously?
    -One of the biggest problems is day four where God supposedly created the sun, moon, and stars.
    -If the sun didn't exist till the fourth day, where did the light come from on day one?
    -According to the description, the moon did not just reflect light but was a light source itself, just a lesser one to rule the night.
    -If light did not shine on the earth till the fourth day, how was anything seen on the earth to state that "it was good'?
    -If the signs of the days did not exist till day four, how could anyone know it was day four?
    Why no mention about creating planets?
    This is just day four. If God got so many things wrong in his description of how things came to be, how could we believe that God had anything to do with any of it?
    Fact is, even the clergy has backed off in stating it as being fact. Many if not most admit that it is likely an allegory or metaphor. Many like most of the old earth creationists admit that the big bang and/or evolution theories are likely true. They just go to their fall back position of "god did that".

  • God? I don't know about that?

    Scientist: If god created the World and Universe who created god?
    Creationist: God is eternal. He was not created, he just is.
    Scientist:If no one created god, why did someone have to create the universe? Why can't the universe just be?
    Creationist: Uh...... Shut up!
    Scientist:If god created the animals of today on the 6th day, why do we have fossil records dating back for millions of years before the supposed 7,000 years ago the world was created. And why are there animals from before man and all other modern animals.
    Creationist:How do you know how old the fossils are?
    Scientist:Carbon Dating.
    Scientist: Also if the universe was created 7,000 years ago, how are stars more than 7,000 light years away. Actually more than 14 billion light years.
    Creationist: How do you know how far away they are?
    Scientist: Parallax.
    Scientist:Change you perception of science and amazing things happen. God might exist, but the universe was not made in 6 days.

  • And I'm a Christian...

    I do believe that God created the universe, but I do not hold that He did it 6 literal days. I also do not feel that this is a required viewpoint in Genesis, as Genesis is clearly written in figurative language. There are many different interpretations to Genesis, and most of them do not hold that the writer of Genesis meant 6 literal days. Furthermore, the very strong evidence we have is in favor of the universe being nearly 14 billion years old. For Christians to hold that the entire universe was created in 6 literal days is honestly quite embarrassing. I also do not agree with everything the poster above me said, as there are several holes in his reasoning as well. At any rate it is very clear that the evidence leads to an "old" universe, which is not inconsistent with the Genesis accounts.

  • Just plain wrong

    I'm not going to tell anyone what religion they should follow, that they should or shouldn't follow one or anything else along those lines. However, to blindly accept a story of creation developed by people thousands of years ago to explain something they didn't understand at the time over mountains of scientific fact that directly contradicts the mythical theories set forth in creationism is an outrageous affront to logic and reason. It's also worse than ignorant... It's choosing to believe something incorrect while knowing evidence exists to support the alternative viewpoint.

  • God made them but evolution did happen

    Mankind and other animals were made by god. BUT
    Evolution is real. He made them and they all evolved to become the animals of today. Even we humans have evolved from then. I believe 6 days of creation did happen but it happened millions and millions of years ago. You have to see what the evolutionists think and piece both sides together.

  • There's no evidence.

    There is no evidence for god. If you can't prove that god exists, then well, you can't claim or preach for him. Evidence for ID is virtually nonexistent, as is evidence for god. However, evidence is readily available for evolution. These include transitional fossils (A. Afarensis, Homo habilis, archaeopteryx...Etc), which are ancestors of the species we see now. Also, the sheer amount of rock layers laid down (apparent in the grand canyon), and the numerous dating methods we find all point to the Earth having existed for billions of years.

  • Im a christian

    But I believe in evolution, or at least the earth was NOT created in 6 ACTUAL days. Why, you might ask? Well let me show you with a simple verse from the holy book its self.
    Genesis 11-13
    Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. 13 And there was evening, and there was morning—the third day.

    Ummm, trees and plants don't grow from seeds and bear fruit in a day, It takes time:)

  • The Bible actually does not support this statement.

    Science is in harmony with the Bible but, people who are very ignorant fail to notice this. God did not create the earth in littoral 6 days.
    God has also used days to describe millions of years in the Bible. Back in the time people talk mostly in riddle. A way that they understand things. As we invented the 24hour clock sure things and time has change.

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