• There’s no proof!

    I CANNOT believe something that has no proof. It’s stupid and gullible. I don’t know how people think that a fictional character exists when they have never seen it or have any good reason to believe in it. At least there’s historical evidence of Jesus, But there’s none of God.

  • God does not exist

    There is no evidence, And it is also impossible. He is omnipotent which is impossible. If he was omnipotent, Then he could create a rock that he couldn't lift. But the he wouldn't be omnipotent because he can't lift the rock, Therefore he cannot exist as described i whichever religious book you choose to provide as "evidence"

  • God is not real.

    God is defined to be omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and good. If that is the case, Why does evil exist?

    Is God
    A: able but not willing to stop evil? Then he is not good.
    B: willing but not able to stop evil? Then he is not omnipotent.
    C: neither able nor willing to stop evil? Why call him God?

    Free will:
    Can God create a universe with free will but not evil?
    Yes: Why hasn’t he?
    No: Then he is not omnipotent.

    God could have destroyed Satan, But chose not to.

    God does not exist, And even if he does he does not match all the qualities of God, Hence he should not be called God.

  • There isn't enough information

    Yes, There is no evidence to prove that god exists, But there is also no evidence to prove that god doesn't exist. I lean more on the side of 'God doesn't exist' for several reasons, The most prominent one being that church is a buisness. When you enter a church, Usually there is someone going around asking for money, As donations to the church. This is what keeps churches upright. Christians also sell many things like bibles, Accesories with religious symbols, And much more, With the full intent of collecting money. On the other side of the argument, Some may say that religion brings people together and creates a community, Which may be true, But christians in particular are creating a breeding ground for homophobes. In an increasingly diverse world with numerous sexualities and genders, It's important to accept those that are different, And for many, It's become second nature to defend those in the LGBTQ+ community, Meaning that eventually, Christianity will die out due to it's baseless claims and harmful assumptions.

  • A big misunderstanding of who is God.

    It can't be something that exists, It is a subject. People just made a human's body shape for it. But god is something that people can only believe in. If God would exist, People wouldn't have any need to trust in it. If it would exist, People would be sure that it exists, And they would know what their religion is for. Let's imagine that Jesus exists, How people started thinking that he is god? People couldn't be that smart at that time to understand, That any good man telling that someone sent him here, Can't be a god only by this fact. Religion is just a tradition that made it through nowadays. At least that's how I see this now.

  • No God in the traditional sense of the term exists

    While one cannot 100% rule out every single abstract concepts of God and completely noninterventionist gods, There is no evidence for any type of God and the best apologist arguments for God are full of holes. Moreover the presence of multiple religions with contradictory views would seem to be evidence against the idea of a benevolent all powerful God which wants to be worshiped, Since it makes no sense that a God who wants to be worshiped would allow the emergence of say polytheistic religions.

  • Excessive sufferings and injustice in this world PROVES that no "all powerful benevolent" God could exist

    The fact that is excessive amounts of suffering and injustice, Plus all the horrible terrible living conditions (eg. Disease, Famine, War, Poisons, Natural disasters, Carnivores, Short lifespan, Massive wealth inequalities. . . Etc. ) in this world PROVES that no all-powerful and benevolent supreme God can exist.

    At best, Such a god is powerless to help anyone. At worst, Such a God is uncaring, Or even downright malicious, Enjoying this world's living beings' sufferings, While imposing unjust tyranny. Such a powerful God is just like a demon, And every living being should be in opposition to such horrible demon.

    Therefore amy arugment supporting "one single supreme god" just simply falls apart due ample amounts of evidences of horrible sufferings and injustices in this world - proving that such a God is either a powerless fraud or a downright horrible malcious demon. There is no God, Period.

  • There's no proof (same opinion as person above)

    I CANNOT believe something that has no proof. It’s stupid and gullible. I don’t know how people think that a fictional character exists when they have never seen it or have any good reason to believe in it. At least there’s historical evidence of Jesus, But there’s none of God.

  • God does not exist.

    I don’t believe in god, Nope. Jesus? Yes he was a real person. But there’s no heaven, It doesn’t line up with the way the world works and how boring it is. Plus the Bible itself was made by people who were alive like 3, 000 years ago. It’s so stupid you would even believe a sentence from that silly piece of fiction. Take this as lightheartedly as you can.

  • It is just rational

    When you see a brand new, Shiny lamborghini would your initial thought be, "Oh, A tornado went through a junkyard and all these pieces collided together by chance to make this car that I am seeing right now"? It probably wouldn't. This same rule applies to the universe. Can a universe so perfect be made by accident? No, It just doesn't make sense. Also, Some believe that the universe came from nothing. Well, The universe, Stars, And planets are all components of the universe and they are made of something, So how can something so huge, Complex, And intricate come out of nothing? Truth is, It can't. Something had to make it.

  • Why does god not exist

    God does exist because of a simple reason, He makes no sense, But what if God was a being that ascended all human thought and emotion, A higher power that doesn't abide by the laws of the universe because he created it, Oh wait, Well I sure am silly, Right.

  • God is literally common sense

    They computer I am using is very laggy let me just wait for a new computer to build in front of me without me or anyone else building it. Does that make sense? As a Muslim I know God exists. This Earth had to have a creator. It is literally common sense. This Earth did not come out of nowhere. You might ask where did god come from then? God's attributes is beyond human understanding according to Ash'ari Islamic creed.

  • God is a literal GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE

    I think God exists to counteract entropy. Just as the universe naturally gravitates towards chaos and disorder scientifically, People too gravitate towards selfish acts that lead to self-destruction. Enter God to save us from both and fight chaos. And it could only be Him because only a perfect, Omnipotent and INCORRUPTIBLE being could do it.

  • God Absolutely exists.

    At the very least we agree God exists as the proto protagonist in the works of literature known as the Bible and Torah. In the abstract, God exists the same way comedy and tragedy exist. Both depictions provide utility and are factually correct without sacrificing the devotion to ones faith and the scientific realities that have been discovered in the last 2000 years.

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kitloi says2021-09-28T02:29:40.313
This question is worded pretty bad, Either "yes, God doesnt exist" or "no, God doesnt exist"

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