• God created you in the first place

    God created you he created the universe out of nothing when you look at the earth itself you can see so so so so so so much buty and genarocity he only created the evil for a test this is only my god damm opnion do no juging or commenting

  • God is great, All the time!

    God has been the love of my life forever. His glory is present everywhere, The universe he created is so amazing, The Earth is full of beauty and greatness, Really shows how awesome God is! . Another thing is that evolution is impossible which point to God being so great creating everything1

  • YES God is amazing

    Well the thing is that God gives us a choice. We choose to do wrong or good but at the end, We have to make our final decision. If we want to stay bad until the end of our life, There will be punishments. He makes us who we are, We can think and do whatever we want. But God tells us how to be good in the bible. As long as we have faith in God we can go to heaven. GOD LOVES EVERYONE, He can give anyone punishments, But it is because we did sinful things first. Lots of people believe that God is real but they just don't have faith in him. Even people who hate God can turn to love Him. It really depends on our choice in the end.
    God loves us all. AND you may say, Then why am i suffering here on earth? Why does God to horrible things to me. We'll God doesn't do horrible things to you. If you truly put your heart to God, A great reward will come, That is HEAVEN. If you don't think heaven is enough, Well its really your choice. God gave everyone a chance, A life, Whether you hate it or not.
    I understand that lots of people do good things on earth but could end up in hell, I believe that is sad, But its also a question for me too. All you have to do is put faith in God. What God actually means by good actions is to follow God with all your heart and soul, Along with doing other good things by helping others.
    There are actually many FAKE followers of Jesus/God. Sometimes you just have to realize that God actually loves us.
    If you think you know God and want to have a say in this, I suggest you read the whole BIBLE. Not just once, Because you can always learn new things from it.

  • Yes he is amazing

    And without him there wouldn't this web site, This world, This life, Or you. He gives us a choice. He lets us doubt him. He could make you love him, But he doesn't. He sent the flood because we were wicked and evil. But he had mercy on Noah and his family. He was going to kill all of us, Restart from scratch, But no, He had mercy on the one man that followed him. Really we should all follow him but he gave us a choice
    a choice to follow him or to hate him. A choice to be hateful or caring, Greedy or generous. He is good. He loves us. And we should love him.
    But a lot of us don't, We don't love him, But we should, I love him, And he has done great things for me. He wants to help us, But some of us reject him. He made humans in his own image, But WE turned evil not God. We should all love him. Just as he loves us.

  • God is Truly Amazing!

    “Yes, Our universe is very large, But there is still more to it than what you probably realize. Most people have never considered the amount of energy needed to create a single atom. Powerful bonds hold atoms together and when these bonds are broken, A tremendous amount of energy is released. This energy can be calculated by using Albert Einstein’s historic E=mc2 (See footnote #2 below for more information).

    For example, The atomic energy stored in 1 gram (. 035 ounce) of matter is equal to the power obtained from 700, 000 gallons of octane fuel. (Source: ChemCom, Page 309. ) For a more dramatic example, The atomic energy stored in the atoms of a 200-pound man is equal to 157, 307 atomic bombs (the ones dropped on Hiroshima). For you weightlifters, That's the same as bench-pressing a 500-pound weight over 12 million billion times.

    If there is that much atomic energy in a 200-pound man, Imagine how much energy was needed to create the whole universe. Imagine the magnitude of the God who created all this. I find it amazing that people actually have the audacity to say that they will boldly stand up to God when they enter eternity. They obviously don’t comprehend the God who created them.

    Just as our minds can’t comprehend the magnitude and complexity of the universe, It can’t comprehend the magnitude and complexity of God. Obviously, God is far greater and more powerful than the universe He created. Even though our universe is incredibly staggering in size, It is probably just a minuscule dot in comparison to God’s actual greatness and power. I can’t even begin to imagine how great, Majestic, Powerful, And awesome our God must be. ”

    SOURCE: http://www. Biblehelp. Org/awegod. Htm

  • God is love. He loves us and he pursues us with that love

    It isn't that god does nothing. It is that god respects us and says 'if you're going to be a persons and not robots, Then you're going to have to be free, You're going to have the space to choose. The reality of your freedom is judged by the fact that i let you be free even yo choose to reject me, To choose the wrong. '

  • God is amazing

    Over the course of history, God tells his people to be good and be righteous, To work hard and be nice to others. How is this God not good then. He died for us so we may be saved. God's not dead. He is alive in us. God cannot be seen as a good God or a Bad God because we don't understand him

  • Yes so definiteley

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  • God does good, And God does evil.

    Though there are many verses which showcase his loving and caring side, There are plenty of verses and chapters which exemplify the antithesis of love.

    Women are counted inferior (See Eph 5)
    Slavery is permitted (See Exodus 21)
    Murder of idolaters is enforced (See Deut 13)
    Sexual slavery is commanded (See Numb 31)
    Sacrifice of every firstborn (See Exodus 13)
    As well as abundant counts of murder, Genocide, And infanticide. (Genesis 38, Genesis 7, Exodus 12)

    God not only gives no proof that he exists, But creates evidence leading to the contrary. And once people use the mind He gave them and “de-convert” from this barbaric religion, He sends them to Hell for eternity, No matter how good of a person they may have been. And all the believers go to heaven, No matter how evil they may have been (Leopoldo II of Belgium, Timothy McVeigh, Ted Bundy, David Koresh, And millions more)

    God is good, When God chooses to be good. However, There are times when God can be brutal, Savage, Despicable, And outright evil. Then again this is assuming He even exists.

  • This god (one of hundreds ) currently worshipped is sick!

    1996, Eight-year-old Michael Lyons was walking home from school when he was abducted by Robert Rhoades.

    Rhoades raped and tortured Michael for ten hours, Stabbing him 70 times before slitting his throat and dumping him in a bush by a river. Now, I have to ask, What was God doing during those ten hours?

    Was he watching silently, More concerned about protecting his own identity and Robert’s free will than answering the terrified pleas of an innocent child?

    Later that same day god said to Michael, “Welcome to paradise! It’s all bliss from here on out! ” Michael replied, “Yes, But where were you during those 10hrs?

    I've always been told that your looking over us protecting us!
    Why didn’t you stop him? ” You could of paralyzed his hands the possibility's are endless yet you did nothing
    God replies Hey it won't happen again (at least to you)

  • Not as depicted.

    A prime example is Genesis. Sure, According to it, God created the universe as well as all the creatures (including mankind) into it but what did he do with it? Mass genocide and extinction. Sure, He warned a small few that pleased him and allowed them to survive but is murdering a vast number of people okay if you let a few escape? Funny how people claim that being vengeful, Prideful, And jealous is condemned by a group of people as they praise a god that is know to be that and worse.

  • He infects us in our most basic integrity.

    So when I say religion poisons everything, I mean to say it infects us in our most basic integrity. It says we can't be moral without Big Brother, Without a totalitarian permission. It means we can't be good to one another. We must be afraid, We must also be forced to love someone who we fear, The essence of sadomasochism"

  • God is ajew

    God decided to be a jew but then the jew did no come through he had no chouie but ti invoke the power od the ade duea babllla give me the power i beg of you at leasr mesai depwat shaint i am nigger thg killer dool and i dnit it

  • God is a subpar character

    The character of "God" in the Abrahamic lore is much closer to a Mary Sue than any kind of inspiring persona. The question of whether Jesus should count as the same character aside, God is alleged to be all-powerful and all-knowing yet does nothing particularly novel with that power and insight, Nor makes any sort of philosophical commentary that is in any way differentiable from a petty dictator or warlord (of which there have been countless examples in literature, Most of which at least put some spin on the 'obey me or suffer' precept).

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robouryman says2019-08-24T19:45:03.030
That honestly depends on who's representing his will. Some offshoots of Christianity are ultra-authoritarian cults such as the Mormon or Jehovah's Witnesses, While others are far more open, Like Presbyterians or Episcopalians.

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