• Evidence is makes more sense.

    There is literally no evidence to suggest that god exists. There is no scientific evidence that says he exists either. Most of the things in the Bible make no sense and aren't true at all. It is stupid to say that god exists, because if he did he would show his face by now.

  • It is the clear answer

    For anybody that is open minded, intelligent and philosophical or scientific. If we disregard all assumptions and start from scratch there is no reason to believe in anything supernatural outside of imagination or hallucination. God is not a testable hypothesis. The most reasonable conclusion is that religion was made up by early humans as a way of explaining things they did not understand.

  • Where is god?

    God is a fake because no one has ever seen him, And it's not even proof that he is, And of two 7 billion and. . . You think from from 2 to 7 bilion?
    You are on drugs yeah? Beacause it is imposible GOD IS FAKE AND WE HAVE PROOF! #bigbang #we are from monkeys

  • God is for the weak minded

    The so called "word of god " bible says on 6th day of creation animals and man were created ? Thats stupid he put dinosaurs and man together? Why is it the bible dont mention dinosaurs ? God made earth right? So he had to create dinosaurs ? God created adam and eve ? So Neanderthal man came from adam and eve ? Then noah builds the titanic with wooden nails and a hammer..Then the sinner god kills man with a flood because he created man wrong ? How can a all seeing all knowing entity fail? Because he aint no god its fake you lemmings

  • There is no reason to warship him, even if he is real

    Even is god was real (witch he isnt) why would we need to warship him?
    He hasent done a single thing to help us in a day to day life. Why dont we warship santa or the easter bunny. Atleast they're perpouse is more realistic. In conclusion- the ancient people told people that this person named sain nicolas was magical and gave you gifts. Same thing with god- jesus came to earth as him. Why belive god and not santa?

  • Hes fake stop imagining this is reality

    He is fake look i can show you story of bibles like noahs ark how can he fit that much animals? And if so how does it support all the weights in there. And the food/water that a lot of food/water needed and adds a lot of weight too so the boat should sink. Like a elephant need 50 gallons of water per day so 2 elephants mean 100 gallons per day and that just the elephants there much more animals. Plus some story of the bibles are copied from other religion myth/folktales. So face it hes fake

  • God is imaginary.

    First, how do you know that god is real? No evidence. Read the bible. Everyone came from Adam and Eve? That's completely fake. I believe that we evolved from monkeys. And how do you know that hell or heaven is real. I took a plane up to the air, no heaven. And another thing from the bible. A problem at The garden of Eden. Snakes can talk? I never knew that.

  • God is an illusion

    God is an illusion that can be used in different contexts. He can be the one who reminds you to always love your family and neighbors. He can be the one you turn to in begging for forgiveness. He can also be the excuse for tragedies and misery. And he can be the one who will send you to hell if you do not go to church every Sunday. No matter how you see God, it is nothing more then an illusion, a placebo effect, in the hearts of close minded people. This is not an attack on religious people, I understand why religion is important in your lives but, always remember to focus on reality first.

  • "An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence."

    It should be noted that religion came before science and therefore before any explanations of our world were available. The only evidence pointing to a god are a collection of individual, subjective experiences, and since they are experiences, they can't be proven or disproven. . . . . . .

  • Look at the atom!

    Look at quantum physics! Look at the molecular workings of the universe! If you were out walking and saw a pile of rocks sitting in a way that obviously looks like a wall, you would think someone had created it! And that's just with a pile of rocks! The atom is constructed in such a way that the orbits of electrons either go in this on line or this one line, not anywhere in betwixt! It is hard to explain in this short paragragh, but I'm sure you could look if up somewhere. Most all quantum physicists have become theists after studying quantum physics! (Pardon all the exclamation marks)

  • What is life?

    When we look at our world and all of its amazing wonders and creations how can we deduce that it was created by the mere whim of science? Our bodies our pieces of biological masterpieces that after thousand of years studying we finally have begun to understand. Let me ask you this, if an ink shop blew up next to a paper shop would a book be created? No. This is supported by the watchmaker theorem. Let me also ask you a question. Without a God is there right and wrong, good and evil, truth and justice, beauty and law? Because without a God then these things do not exist. How can there be justice if one can take a life without true repercussions? Can there be true beauty if beauty is dictated by the whims and emotions of a society? Can there be right and wrong if right to one is wrong to another? Without a God these things are mere ideals spouted by the minds of men lacking in true power. So the question is what is life without a God?

  • God's NOT Dead, He is surely alive

    I don't have all the answers. I admit it.
    But I do know that from what I've seen on this earth, there has to be a grand design to things. Look at the structure of your eyeballs! I think it would take more faith to believe that it just happened than to believe a higher being created it.

    For those of you saying, "How could a loving God let evil happen? He must not be real since evil exists!"
    God loves everything he created. He wants everything he created to love him back. (Just like how you wish your crush would like you back, too.) But in order for that love to be real, he had to give us free will to CHOOSE to love him. If he FORCED us to love him, how could it even be called love? True love is given freely.
    Now, because he gave us the option to CHOOSE to love him, he also had to give us the option to CHOOSE to hate him, ignore him, and/or deny his existence. When people choose to do those things, that usually results in evil things happening.
    I'm not saying that being an atheist automatically makes you evil. I know plenty of very kind atheists! But when people choose to steal, hurt, kill, rape, etc. etc. etc... They are choosing to not love God.
    Christians are subject to this, too. We make bad choices. A lot. But the amazing thing about God is that he loves us any way. Unconditionally. Forever and always.
    And because he loves us (like any good parent), he has to let us experience the consequences of our own choices. If a child is told not to do something and instructed on what the punishment will be, but the child does it anyway, would it not be wrong for the parent not to follow through with the punishment (even if he or she didn't like punishing the child)? Same with God.

    There is so much more that could be said on this topic. So many good cases in apologetics (which ironically, does not mean apologizing for my faith), but I don't have the time or the means to get into much more.
    Bottom line: God is Alive.

  • Come On People

    There may not be evidence but think about it.... God is intertwined with THE UNITED STATES!

    The dollar bills- "In God We Trust"

    Obama just recently made an oath ON THE BIBLE! Think about it people! There may not be evidence, but there is no evidence saying God DOESN'T exist.

  • We can't say Yes or No

    I am a theist and I accept science. Science gives us wonderful facts. However, the argument about God is not about fact. We don't know if God exists and we never will, until we die. This is a question about whether you believe in God or not. No one can tell you what you believe is wrong. If you believe that the Democrats are better than Republicans, no one can tell you that is definitely wrong. I believe in God and no one can tell me I'm wrong, just like I can't tell atheists that they're wrong. Philosophical questions like this don't have a definite yes or no answer. We just need to accept that we can't prove or disprove the existence of God. What we need to do is live our lives in a good way, and be loving and compassionate people, so we can make the world a better place, no matter if it's for God or if it's by chance.

  • God isn't real .

    Prove he still exists . If you can prove he (god) some how still exists till this day with some science or scientific facts to back it . Then I'll accept it. The most reasonable thought is religion was made by early ancestors so they could explain things they did not understand. Point blank.

  • God is not dead

    Yes everyone talks about the BIG BANG THEORY and well its not true it is GOD who created us and the earth . Now tell me something, can the big bang theory create, who we are and what we are. So no, GOD is NOT dead or fake and u atheists are .

  • Do you really thing that GOD is fake? Then i try to understand his existance

    Firstly let us take simple chair.If i say that it made by itself and noone make it .DO YOU BELIEVE ME????
    IF DO NOT DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT all universe. Smallest atoms animals humans made mistakely by itself???
    Fistly thing and then answer.If you thing that GOD is fake i do not know what to say to you

  • Ok, let's take a look at this...

    So let's go into a bit of depth about some pretty big topics.

    First: The big bang.

    If you listen to documentaries, or follow science in the news, one would come across Steven Hawking's theory about how there is no God because the Universe as we know it was created in an instant, leaving no time for a God to be "created." But the key phrase there is as we know it. We have no idea what was before the big bang, because it was the basis for everything we know. So would it be possible that God existed before hand? Quite possibly, because we have no idea. Also look at the expansion of the big bang. The Universe came from a speck about the size of a few 1000s of atoms, which expanded at near the speed of light, possibly faster. Yet look at how slow everything else now moves. It is almost as if the nothingness responded to a single command to become something, and rushed to do it as soon as it could. All the matter and most of the size of the universe occurred in 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001(1^-35) seconds after the Big Bang. If that is not something responding to a command as close to instantly as possible, I don't know what is.

    Argument 1: "The Bible is confusing! So it can't be right!"
    While the Bible may be confusing to some people, keep in mind, it is a religious text that has been translated multiple times from its original language. Just try taking a phrase in English and run it through Google Translate a few times, translating into at least 5 different languages and then back to English. This will return something barely similar to what you originally typed.

    And in conclusion, quite a few people say all things denote that there is no God. I say, all things denote that their must be a God. The problem with this argument is that it can neither be proved or disproved, only debated. So one must study and ask themselves what they believe.

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