• God made the universe and heavens

    So much proof supports God's existence (Creation, the morally inclined human conscience, the very idea of God's existence, etc.)

    What I find truly astonishing is that "scientists" claim atheism is scientific when there is NO proof that contradicts God's existence, and evidence is a necessity in order for something to be scientific (hence the scientific method).

  • God does exist

    I believe in God, and will never ever doubt his existence. I can't believe all of these ignorant atheists who don't believe. I love God and think that the atheists are lying by saying God does not exist. It is also morally wrong not to believe in the almighty God.

  • Both. Well, at least a god.

    I believe in a creator, but I also believe that the earth is billions of years old. The two are hardly incompatible. Even if I were basing my belief on the Christian god I would take this position, as the bible never states the age of the earth anywhere at all. That was some fool theologian trying to be smart or possibly just trying to be controversial.

  • God isn't real

    There are so many things today to prove how the Earth and Universe were created. And for you religious people who I refer to as crazy, how was your alleged god created. How could it create when there was nothing to create it. God is not real, it never has been, end of story.

  • I can't believe we're still arguing this in 2014

    Let's make a list of all the reasons we know the age of the univer/earth:
    Carbon dating
    Fossil records
    Sedimentary rock building up over millions of years (like the grand canyon)
    But let's notice that the evidence support the opposition is a book that was revised multiple times from its original form, that was written by men trying to make sense out of a world they didn't understand. But there's no reason that today superstition should trump logical empirical proof just because some guy in a cave said a magic voice told him otherwise 2000 years ago...Jjust saying

  • Earth is over billion years old

    Now although I am atheist it is not only obvious but also supported that the earth was created billions of years ago. What shocks me is that none of you people believe that God could be behind All of it. The two could more than likely go hand in hand which you all seem to think must be one way or another.

  • Atheist or not the Earth isn't Billions....

    The Earth is no where near billions of years old lol. I question God sometimes. I don't go to church or claim that I'm a Christian but I pray and talk to God regularly. Ask questions, pray for others etc. What I do know is that the methods for studying the age of fossils and Earth is severely flawed for one and for two history doesn't support a 100 billion year old Earth too much missing time too much missing links too much that doesn't make sense. The Earth is probably no more than 10,000 years old. Definitely not millions much less billions.

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Forthelulz says2014-03-23T04:38:58.300
Third option: God made the Earth, but the "days" were eras. They used day, as back then there were only celestial days, which, if anything is to be believed, are CONSIDERABLY longer by several orders of magnitude than what we consider days. That is my take on it. Everybody is free to form their own opinions.