God threw the devil in hell for jealousy. You dont think that eventually in eternity you will get jealous or something?

Asked by: steffon66
  • I dont believe but if it were true yes you would eventually go to hell

    We have "free" will. No one can be perfect here on earth and obviously we will have the same desires in heaven as the devil had them there and he was the only other one besides god and us that has free will. It would seem that anyone with free will is doomed. Eventually your going to do something wrong thats probably much worse than jealousy and you will go to hell. Another good question is why was the devil unhappy with an all powerful god. If he would rather burn in hell than to spend eternity with god then chances are we wouldnt want to spend eternity with god either. Grow up and stop killing or condemning people for doing the same exact thing you do with every other religion which is refuse to believe in its ridiculous claims. F u christians

  • Yes only gods perfect

    All humans are eventually gonna become evil so we die a lot so we don't have enough time to be evil. No one has ever been able to make more than like 100 people dead ever because they die. Lol of course humans all suck but theyre awesome 4now, N00Bz.

  • Question worded goofy

    Satan was thrown out of heaven due to rebellion, not jealousy. If it were jealousy, god would have to cast himself out of heaven, as he says that he is a jealous god. My worries about eternity are what the devil (no pun intended) am I gonna do with my time? Are there video games in heaven? Can whatever game I wanna make instantly program itself and load on my game console? Is there telly in heaven? Are there debate websites (or websites in general) in heaven?

  • This is a faith based question.

    At the beginning of your answer, you state that you don't believe. Are you saying that you don't believe in religion or that you don't believe you can go for eternity without committing a sin? If you don't believe in religion then the devil does not exist and one can not last for eternity while being aware. If you don't believe you can go for eternity without committing a sin then you must believe we are aware and that is a religious based belief. In that case one must assume you follow a religion and it's holy books, which say that a god will change your state of mind and abolish evil.

    For the other answers on this question, which section of the bible is being used here? The Torah (old testament) or the New Testament? Assuming that the devil, Satan and Lucifer are all the same entity here then one must understand the Ancient Hebrew terms. Satan in Hebrew is a stumbling block. The Satan is an event and not a entity. The word "yetzer hara" or The Satan means evil inclination. Since Isaiah is quoted so much here is an example the God created both. Isaiah 45:7 God says "bringing forth light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil, I am God who does all these things." With this statement, one can say that God uses The Satan and has complete control. In Christianity, Satan is an entity which is very strong and is the rival of God rather than a tool used by God. Major difference in concepts.
    Isaiah 14:12 is used frequently to prove Lucifer. There is no Lucifer any where in the Hebrew Torah. The word here is "Hailail" meaning the morning star Venus. Ancient people would see the star, Venus, all alone in the sky and assumed that the star had fallen from Heaven, leading to the myth of the rebelling angel. Venus on some mornings can be seen long after all the other stars are no longer visible.

    If the New Testament is being quoted, which usually is Revelations then the devil, beast, dragon, Lucifer, Satan or any other name used has not been casted out yet, unless for some reason we missed the tribulation. The war in Heaven between Michael and the Dragon does not occur until the seals are broke, trumpets are blown, and the two witnesses appear. I don't believe this has occurred. Then Satan the deceiver, not jealous or proud, is casted down to the earth. Then in Revelation 20 we read that Satan is bound for a 1000 years in an abyss and then we have peace from his deceiving. After 1000 years Satan the deceiver rebels, loses and is cast into a lake of fire. No hell yet according to Revelations.

    For the quotes of the 7 deadly sins, these are not in the Bible. They a linked to the fourth-century monk Evagrius Ponticus. We all should be careful of what we quote.

  • Please study the bible!!!

    God condemns Lucifer because he is a traitor! Angels are created by God, as a servant he should be loyal to him. But God created us in His Image, and he made us because he want us to live under his beauty. If not Why did Jesus the son of God died for us? Jesus died to save us from our sins, and he has prepared a heaven for us. So accept Jesus and we'll all be there while devil suffers.

  • Fallacy of Context.

    God didn't condemned the angel Lucifer due to jealousy, thus the question requires a revised statement.

    Nevertheless, one couldn't be jealous when he/she is given everything. To ask for more than everything would lead to miserliness (from miser) which is punishable. Further, I am honestly confused as to why would someone ask for more when he/she has everything?

    A question that I deem futile, hence why I've answered no: a kind hearted being (such as it be elected for a place in heaven) cannot be jealous of limitless everything.

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