• I don't have enough faith to be a atheist

    It takes much more faith to believe scientist who contradict each other while trying to explain how the we came into life, than to believe in God who loves us and shows us His presense daily. You need to actually read the different theories that completly contradict the laws of physics

  • I believe so

    How can our universe formed from nothing? That would take time and matter. How did matter or time form by itself? It makes more sense to believe God created matter and time than to think, "the universe could've formed from nothing." That makes no sense whatsoever. And how is it everything on Earth and with the placement of our Sun is just "perfect" for life? If anything that affects life on Earth was even the tiniest bit off, We wouldn't be here right now. Again, it makes more sense that someone intentionally created the universe to form life than to believe, "maybe it was a mere coincidence." Now you can still not believe me, and I can still believe all I want, but there is absolutely no way to 100% prove that god exists or doesn't exists. You can give good evidence for either side, but you still couldn't prove or disprove God 100%. Also, If you believe in evolution, do we have any 100% prove of it? We didn't live back then when life was so-called "Evolving." So how can we know it happened if we haven't even SEEN it happen? In fact, there are holes in the theory itself. The argument of evidence or proof of God not existing and God existing is a circular one. The Atheist can say, "There's no 100% proof that God exists. But the Christian can say, "There's no 100% proof that God doesn't exists. One day though, when we all die, which we ALL will someday, we're going to be 100% sure if God exists or not.

  • God is obviously real.

    This is what the no people say: once apron a time there were two little atoms that made more atoms... 50 trillion years later (which is not possible) ....There are galaxies and planets and people and animals and life and human emotion! Really? Come on guys get over it. YOU EVOLUTIONISTS ARE WRONG.

    Posted by: B3N
  • I believe in some non-material conscious force

    I find what most people are turned off by the existence of a deity is because of the traditional concept of a very powerful version of a person who operates solely on might. I think what bothers most people is the concept of some sky dictator who punishes people who offend some arbitrary rules. But I cannot say its a new idea. The ancient religions had many gods, and showed less favor to the tyrannical gods. Yet the Monotheistic Fundamentalists made a totaliarian god who rules as the unquestioned ruler who decides right and wrong based on personal preferences. Which only turns out to say that "Might makes right" in the traditional system. Plus the whole idea of a God who is a demanding dictator separated and at odds with humanity is a real turnoff.

  • The Universe Proves God

    1) things either exist by external cause or self-sufficiency
    2) to exist of self-sufficiency requires, and is logically the same thing as saying, an eternal self-aware, self-sustaining will
    3) the universe is not/does not have an eternal self-aware, self-sustaining will.
    4) therefore, an eternal self-aware, self-sustaining will is the external cause of the universe

  • Neither yes or no

    Human beings invented the left right paradigm of god either exists or doesn't exist, to me god is just a word made up by human beings , the universe it too, god is the mystery its everything we are part of that everything and its a mystery , its life .

  • There is plenty of evidence

    There is just as a much evidence to support God than to refute him. In days gone by many scientists turned away from religion thinking they can find a logical explanation for it all, but these days scientists are turning back to religion because the more they discover the more they see just how perfect our amazing universe is. It all points to intelligent design.

  • The Universe Proves God

    1) Things either exist by external cause or self-sufficiency
    2) To exist of self-sufficiency requires, and is logically the same thing as saying, an eternal self-aware, self-sustaining will.
    3) The universe is not/does not have an eternal self-aware, self-sustaining will.
    4) Therefore, an eternal self-aware, self-sustaining will is the external cause of the universe.

  • I can believe what I want.

    I believe in God. Come at me. The answer is yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • I can believe what I want.

    I believe in God. Come at me. The answer is yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • It Doesnt make any sense, really.

    Come on now, thousands of years, huge technological advantages, and a cast collection of human knowledge, and not one of it can prove any existence of anything that happened in the bible. Not only that, but the bible clashes with actual facts that we know to be true! Dinosaurs are no where in the bible, yet here we are digging up old bones left and right. Surely a dinosaur would have been mention somewhere right? And beyond that, lets look at all the other major religions that have existed or still exist today? What makes you so sure that yours is right? Of course, if we are just arguing whether or not there is a god in general, well, we have no way of knowing really. I feel the question should be whether the god of the bible exists, or whether there is any form of god or other supernatural being that may have created us. If there was none in the first place, then evolution works just fine.

  • There is no evidence

    We currently have no logical proof that God is real. Ways to prove that God exists would be most evident if God actually came up to us and we would see God with our own eyes. That's how people believe stuff and see that it is real. Also, this God came up first as an excuse to show how things worked when people couldn't figure out how it worked. Science proves how things worked and now God is believed less and less when we discover more of how things work. When things that were unknown of how it worked, it would be because of a God. When we now prove how things worked with evidence, it disproves God. God is simply used as a reason with no proof of how unknown became known.

  • Atheism is the null hypothesis.

    Due to the lack of any objective, verifiable evidence that any gods exist, there is no rational reason TO believe in any gods. Much less believe in one of the thousands of variants man has dreamed up over the years to explain that which he could not, like earthquakes and lightning.

  • Really, this again?

    All the arguments for God's existence fail, badly. Atheism is the most logical position, therefore, when you have no evidence. The best one I've seen is the digital physics argument, but I'm not done processing that one yet. (See what I did there?) While it would be lovely to think such things, I'm afraid we cannot accept things that have no support. Would you buy a house with no quotes, pictures, details, etc...?

  • Give logical reasons

    God is just an aspect to most humans to give them the satisfaction of knowing what/when/where/why/how Earth was created, etc. People need to think about things, not just come up with things to make you feel better about creation and many other things that I can not fit in this.

  • This is stupid

    There is no supporting evidence that God exists, in fact it is the opposite, there have been an astonishing amount of PROOF that denies what the bible states. We have already proven the earth is older than what the bible states with fact and we have already proven that animals evolve, humans evolve since we are an animal. There are plenty of evidence that has proven the bible wrong and the fact that people still deny this proof and claim it is true, with nothing to back up their claims is shocking. I do not care if someone believes in God or Jesus or whatever, but when there is actual evidence within the world itself to prove it wrong, at least accept that not all in the bible is correct. They must accept that all religions are an organisation of people and their BELIEFS even people in the religion do not know for sure if it is true or not, they are just a gathering of beliefs, there for ideas, and fiction, when one of those ideas is proven wrong they should have the decency to accept that.

  • Sorry to those.

    I simply cannot believe that there's a holy spirit living in the sky. We've been up there. There's no golden gates. Its the sky and then space. Maybe perhaps it is there, but only those who've gone beyond can see it. My have friends who believe in God and I respect their opinion, but no matter what I can't believe there is a "god". I mean what is he doing? There are people suffering. Little kids with guns fighting in wars, starving, left for dead on the streets. People to young to die dying from some horrible disease that will kill them slowly! There is no God. Or maybe there was once, but he got tired of all of us and left us to suffer.

  • There is no god... As far as we know.

    While it is true that merely not being able to prove something's existence doesn't prove it's non-existence, it is conversely true that not proving existence is proof of existence. No one has yet proven God exists. Legislators and religious fundamentalists aim to teach students creationism in school and use the bible as scientific proof god exist. The bible is not science. Science is, by definition, true, verifiable, and repeatable. There is no experiment capable of proving whether god exists or not so therefor we must not accept this notion as fact. The existence of any god is mere speculation. I cannot, by definition, be accepted as fact.

  • A more reasonable conclusion

    Despite what many religious people may think, there's no demonstrable evidence for the existence of a God. Does the existent of God even make sense? The God would have to be very complex which then raises the question...How did God become so complex? It makes more logical sense for complexity to arise from simplicity not the other way around. And what we learn from biology is that exactly. If complexity arises from simplicity biologically then why not apply that to the Universal? It just carries more weight than the latter.

  • God Doesn't Make Sense

    Believing that a god exists to me just feels like wish fulfillment and delusion. Religions have existed for thousands of years, Most of them people seem them as untrue, Yet Christianity gets a hard pass? Seems contradictory to me. Some magical being that loves you despite sending you to a place of torture forever if you don't follow what he says is much harder to believe than animals and DNA evolving over time depending on which traits allow for them to produce more babies.

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