Gods Doors Should Be Open To All; Do you Agree?

Asked by: Yvannee
  • Yes! They should!

    God should accept all of his creations no matter what "sins" they committed. I am an agnostic, but I understand the concept of Christianity, also, as my parents being Christian, it's talked a lot in my house. But, I believe that God should love all of his creations no matter what. Just as (in a moral perspective) if a child were homosexual or such, the parent would be accepting of the child. NOT saying that homosexuality/bisexuality/pan sexuality/asexuality/transgender people are a sin, but a lot of people think they are. So.. That's just my opinion. (:

  • They are open to everyone.

    God made all humans in his own, perfect, beautiful image, and loves us all unfathomably. Every single one of us regardless of your gender, race, nationality, personality, sexuality, political opinions, age, or preferred Ice cream flavour. None of that can ever separate God's love from us because God loves his children more than we can possibly ever understand. Would he therefore find some people a little too sinful for his liking, to be loved? Of course not. Who was it that Jesus came down for, the sick or the healed? The immoral or the pure? He didn't waste time hanging with the holy, but instead dined with Con Men, walked with ex-terrorists, saved a prostitute from execution and comforted the outcasts. Most importantly he was mocked, beaten, whipped and executed in one of the most horrific ways known to humanity to save us from our sin. All of us. There is no sin too great for God to forgive, and no one sinner is any worse than any other. We are either sinners, or we are pure, and we are only pure through Jesus' resurrection. God hates sin, but he loves sinners, we have no right to turn anyone away from Gods forgiveness, no matter who they are or what they have done.

  • Yes, this is already the case

    God has decreed that all men (and women) may be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The condition for this is that they accept His gift of salvation and surrender their lives to His will. This does, of course, include turning from your sinful way of living. "Gay" people may enter Heaven, but they must lay down their sinful lifestyle at the cross.

  • You, nor anybody else, should be telling God what he should be doing.

    God is our father and creator. He loves all of his children and will forgive all of us if we ask for it. He probably wants to forgive us but we are too prideful to ask for it. Even then he forgives us. My point being, it is not your place to tell God, our father, what he should do with his own kingdom. This is not to say that he would keep people out for being gay ( we all know that you're talking about). He made them that way, how could he not love them? All in all, it's his kingdom and his door and not yours. It is therefore not your place to tell him what he should do.

  • It's his door.

    The whole purpose to a door is to keep what you don't want out. If a god did exist and didn't want various people in, the god should be able to pick and choose who comes in. If the god feels that you are not worthy to enter, too bad. It's his door so his choice.

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s-jiar says2016-11-26T18:07:48.020
Why are we voting on this when it is God who makes the decision?