Golden Globe nominations: Do Hollywood award shows such as the Golden Globes genuinely pick the best movies of the year?

  • As long as we define best a certain way, then they do.

    Award shows like the Golden Globes and the Oscars do pick out the best-MADE movies. Some may consider the "best" movies to be the most entertaining, and if we define it like that, then no, the mainstream award shows will not do that, but if we define "best" as the most well-made, technically magnificent films, then these award shows do well to choose Best Movie nominees.

  • Golden Globe nominations are Hollywood biggest joke

    The Golden Globe nominations were announced for the upcoming year and once again the show has strategically placed emphasis on shows and actors that are not the best. Where are the nominations for "The Walking Dead," "Mad Men" or "Modern Family?" Instead shows that people don't watch, but critics pit out and ponder are highlighted. This award show has become the biggest joke of the award season.

  • No, Award shows don't pick the best movies of the year.

    The Hollywood award show is really big business. It boosts ticket numbers for movies. The biggest part about the award show happens before the show begins. The studios, agents, and celebrities lobby in various disgraceful ways to be picked as the movie of the year. It is often based on buzz or politics.

  • No, Golden Globe nominations do not always pick the best movies of the year

    Any time awards are to be given out for the best of any category of arts, literature, entertainment, or even science, the question should naturally arise as to what criteria we are to use in order to select the winner. In the case of the Golden Globe, we can likely safely say that these criteria have more to do with some abstract conception of artistic integrity or vision and not that much to do with popular opinion. So, it's hard to say that they truly select the best movies of the year.

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