Golden State Warriors win Game 2: Will they improve with new assets in the NBA Draft?

  • An improvement is inevitable

    An improvement is inevitable for the Golden State Warriors. This is because there is money on the line and there are new assets the team will use. Usually teams do not go backwards that much in performance. I think that the draft is a great way for them to get more starpower.

  • Yes, the Warriors will improve with new player in the NBA Draft.

    The Golden State Warriors already have a strong team with a lot of youth. This draft is considered strong throughout the first round, so they should get more help. They should focus on picking up some veteran free agents to push them into a yearly title contender role. They have a lot of promise.

  • The Golden State Warriors are not positioned to benefit from this year's draft.

    The Golden State Warriors have fought long and hard to have a winning and championship team. This year they have shown great depth and talent, working their way into the playoffs. That said, it does not appear the Warriors will have any major benefit from this year's draft and selection picks.

  • Game 2 will be a loss for Golden State

    The Golden State Warriors, though a very successful team, have a very slim chance for winning game two, or the series for that matter. Game two will come down to a few key players, which will not be able to carry the team out for yet another win. Game two will unfortunately be a loss for Golden State.

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