• It can be boring if you don’t know what’s going on

    Golf is not necessarily exciting, but it is fun to play. Going outdoors with a bunch of friends for 5 hours and having a ton of fun? Sure. In no way is it remotely boring. The people that think it is boring either are quitters or they don’t know what is going on. Golf is definitely not boring.

  • Golfing is Obviously not boring

    Golf is a mind wrenching game that makes you use not only your strength and coordination but also your mind so if you think it is boring go try it for yourself. I think that anyone who says it is boring is just embarrassed about the precision they failed to acquire

  • People that think golf is boring are quitters

    Golf is a great game. I understand that it can be expensive, but people that don't play it are just not patient enough to play it. If you want to play it three times and quit be my guest, but that doesn't give you the right to judge the entire sport!

  • Of course it is boring

    Even one of the pros says it.
    It's boring.

    Golf is an expensive and boring game. I've played it myself, have my own club sets yet I cannot understand why people say I should enjoy it. I don't mind people playing it but to me it is boring. People may say I have no patient but I am as patient as that is what I've learnt during my militar service. Any of you here tried spending 2 weeks outside under the woods as you wait for a training to begin which you have no idea when? And you tell me I have no patient?
    Most golfers I met is high nosed, self oriented people who think they have all the patient in the world. I don't go around and say I've done this in military so I have more patient and you don't. No. Not unless I have to tell them a story or they provoke me enough to say it.

  • I'm confused about this

    I love golf and i love to play it and I do not think it is boring at all. On the other hand I do not know whether to say yes or no to this question because I could say Yes it is not boring, I could also say no it is not boring!!!

  • It depends on the individual

    As an occasional watcher of golf, I can say that I find it quite boring. However, it is fun to play. There are other sports that share those traits. As an avid fan of baseball, I enjoy watching it very much and enjoy playing it even more, so I can fully relate to those who state that golf is not boring, but rather it takes an understanding to appreciate it.

    Posted by: RS1
  • Golfing is a work of art

    Golf is a beauty that simply cannot be described by mere words. The perfection of the sport is flawless when compared to useless sports such as football, basketball, and baseball. Anyone can pick up a ball and run it down a field, but very few can hit a ball 300+ yards away. That is pure perfection.
    Let's just put it this way, golf is like a unicorn chasing rainbows in the fields of time; such perfection is simply not achieved until the afterlife.

  • Wonderful Game of Skill

    I have played this sport for a while now, and its my favorite sport I have ever done. Watching it is just as fun, analyzing the swing, looking for good technique, and looking to apply what I see. That's what golfing is about, having fun, and putting skill and technique to the test.

  • Full of exhilaration and enjoyment.

    Golf is a great sport for all. Golf is a very clean game were injuries are very unlikely to occur. Games such as football, rugby, soccer...Etc involve a lot of shoving, pushing, and other heavy violence as concussions are very frequent among its players. This makes golf a great game for people of all ages to play, including youth and seniors.

  • Its all up to personal opinion.

    I find that people who say golf is boring are the same people who never have played before. It might just be up to personal opinion, but to me its a relaxing experience when I can spend time with friends and family and have some competition at the same time.

  • The sport isn't boring to play

    Golfing is fun. It's a sport where you have to think, use hand-eye-coordination and measure the power of your swings with the club used. It's not for everyone, but it can't be generally considered boring either. Watching it is pretty bad, but playing it (as the question implies) can be really fun.

  • Just not my thing

    I guess I can understand some people being into this sport, but I've played it a few times myself and inevitably wind up after the first two or three tees wondering when I can go home. That's playing it, now WATCHING it is something I just don't get, has to be one of the single most boring things to watch on TV, on par with watching librarians restock shelves or something. If you're into it, awesome, have at it, but it just isn't something I find entertaining at all.

  • One Word: BORING

    Golf IS boring. How is it even a sport. Sure, some people enjoy but come on, what’s the point. You hit a ball, stand in the hot sun for hours, and wait. How can you find that not boring? Golf is not fun, period. Too many rules, a certain way you must dress, and being outside for 5+ hours is so fun, not.

  • Its. Boring but

    Golf its fun but its boring its golf you don't want to watch it on tv its golf its idiotic but its golf theres also a mi i game its golf (chrous) Golfffffffffff its funnnnnnn!!!! But its boring!!!!!!!!!! Its golf !!!!!!!!!! Fun boring don't tv idiotic ok mini version golf

  • Be real people

    Golf is something that requires no physical sense, and to those who say it requires everything in your body to hit it that is BS. I used to play golf, and YES I will brag about this that I won competitions but not once did the crowd go so wild because it was so exciting to see someone hit a ball into a dug up hole. Frankly, I have no idea why I spent all those years playing such a game. And watching it is even horrible, I mean what do you do?
    "Oh watch as he swings his arm back and hits it"
    "WOW, I have never seen such a sight"
    I mean, sorry to insult it so much but you got be honest here.

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