Gollum meets Ceasar the Ape: Should Conan bring back the "In the year 2000" bit?

  • I think it was really interesting.

    I think that Conan should bring back the, "In the Year 2000 bit," because it was really funny. Not only was it funny, but to me, it would bring back a piece of nostalgia of the show. The "In the year 2000 bit was interesting to me, not the funniest, but interesting.

  • Yes, Conan absolutely should bring back the "In the year 2000" bit featuring a meeting with Gollum and Ceaser the Ape.

    I have been a fan of Conan since his show on NBC, and I loved La Bamba's high, futuristic singing announcing the "In the year 2000" bit. Why would we ever need a year 3000, when Conan has previously done so well with his funny predictions for a year that has already passed? Personally, I think Gollum and Caeser should meet in a fictional year 2000. And I want it to be revealed that Gollum has tracked down Caeser to reveal that they are actually twins who were separated at birth. Caeser and Gollum will then battle over "the precious."

  • It was funny.

    Yes, Conan O'Brien should bring back the year 2000 bit, because it was very funny. It started after the year 2000 anyways. Even my kids, who do not even watch Conan O'Brien, can make fun of the year 2000 bit and they think that it is fun. It is something that Conan is known for.

  • New Day. New Jokes.

    Don't get me wrong-- I really enjoy Conan. But someone of his notoriety should have no problem in getting his hands on a never-ending source of new jokes. He moved on from it once, and it was for a good reason. The year 2000 was 14 years ago, and that's where those jokes should stay.

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