Good people hate the world because its full of evil "righteousness" and suffering.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Good people should hate the world.

    In this world there is great suffering. Most people are microscopic thinkers. A macro thinker thinks about the big picture. Because you have kids many of your descendants will suffer. Should the miserable have to exist and be miserable so you can be happy and have kids? No that isnt fair. The world is very unfair and cruel. So when you have a kid you are being unfair and cruel to that kid just by bringing them into this Fed up world. Fyg who makes you think there is a purpose for all this suffering.

  • Yes I do agree

    Good people donot hate the world , but they hate the caustic problems and the cumbersome troubles that are always happening every country in the world now is fighting and protesting against the government before it used to be a peaceful world but now everything is destroyed. There alots of crimes happening that everyone gets scared when walking in the streets . People are in fear twentyfour hours .

  • Negative people hate the world because all they see is evil and suffering.

    The world has just as much potential for good as it does bad, and it's there, we just don't appreciate it as much as we draw attention to the negative. Hating the world doesn't make you good, good people do little hating, I would say there's actually a lot to love about the world, especially with our ability to change it.

  • There's no good

    There is no such thing as a good person. People who open their eyes and see the bigger picture should also see that we are living by our genetic coding. If the "good people" had the DNA of a serial killer, they would not be good. We are living with what what our genes gave us. What personality we have.

  • Good and bad are completely up for debate. And hate makes you do things I consider bad.

    There is no universally accepted list of traits that defines who is good and who is bad. By this view anybody who hates the world is good, and those who hate the world often do the worst things. I feel that hating the world would allow people to think that they could get away with hurting others. Was Osama Bin Ladin just a good person trying to take care of evil and suffering?

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