Google asks the Supreme Court to hear the Chrome case over patents. Will this change the application process for patents?

  • I sure hope so

    Our patent system in America is such a mess that companies are tied up in court for years over the smallest details. Does this phone have rounded corners? Do you touch the screen to activate an app? A major rehaul of the entire system is in order, and nobody knows this more than Google. Hopefully this goes somewhere and we can once again release the creativity of the people instead of fighting over meaningless patents.

  • Google due to its economic power and political pull should be able to help change the application process for patents.

    If it was any other company other than google the simple answer would be no. However, Google has virtually unlimited resources, massive political pull, a vast amount of wealth, a reputable company, is found worldwide, and is a widely used search engine. Google should be able to help push the supreme court in reviewing the laws on patents and hopefully making some much needed reform.

  • Yes, it likely will.

    Yes, whenever a huge, well-known company like Google gets involved in a judicial process, it will change things. In this case, the Supreme Court and patents are involved, so very likely the application process for patents will never be the same again. In some ways, it will be more complicated.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    For years, the tech industry griped that the deck was stacked in favor of patent owners—until the Patent Office created a system for companies to challenge bad patents without spending years and millions of dollars in court. That system got a big boost when the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the review system. The challenge sought to weaken the system by eliminating the broad standard that its specialized judges use to determine if patents should be cancelled, and introducing more oversight of the judges.

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