Google creates $4 million fund for immigration cause: Should more corporations get involved in political and social causes?

  • Yes, absolutely they should.

    Yes, more corporations need to get involved in political and social causes. They have the power and the clout to do good. When the government goes rogue and starts hurting the people, there is a need for other sources of power to come forward and work towards a better outcome for everyone.

  • Corporations have been and should remain donating to social causes

    Although Google is contributing a lot of funds towards a fund, corporations have been donating to political and social causes for decades. While contributions are appreciated, the motivation behind the donations should not be based on conditions. If these contributions are being given to social and political causes, they should not be looking for favors, in return.

  • It is their right.

    When a corporation is successful, they should have a right to use their profits to influence political and social causes. It's fair that they are allowed to do this, because politics affects the laws that these companies have to operate in. Corporation or not, all people should try to make the world better as they see it.

  • Yes more corporations should get involved in political and social causes if they want to do more good.

    Google's 4 million dollar fund for immigration will certainly immigrants. Also due to Google's national and worldwide influence, they can help many immigrants that want to work legally in the US and for Google. If corporations want to help improve social issue and promote betterment of society they should be more involved in political causes.However, many corporations care mostly about their profits.

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