Google decision to stop censoring results in China: Was Google's decision to leave good for human rights?

  • Yes, google's decision was appropriate.

    I do believe that some government censorship is okay. The censorship in China however, was way beyond acceptable. The Chinese government wanted to keep certain historical incidents out of the reach of the general public. I believe that was an idea with bad intentions. Google made an ethical decision and I applaud them for that.

  • Yes, it was

    China has enough censorship issues without Google contributing to them, while I may not be a fan of the country in many aspects that doesn't mean I think it should be taken out on the citizens. Anything that allows the Chinese to develop opinions instead of being told what they are is good.

  • End of Google Censorship Good in China

    Google's decision to end censorship in China was a brilliant idea and a great move for human rights in the country. China imposes some of the harshest censorship on its people, and nobody should have to deal with such censorship. Censorship is dangerous for everyone involved and its effects are always negative.

  • Mass Censorship is wrong

    I do think that mass censorship is very wrong and if a country is trying to keep things away from their citizens then they have a lot to hide. I think that it is good that google is no longer helping countries to censor content for their citizens at all.

  • Google's decision to leave was in the best interest of human rights.

    The concept of censorship is extremely complex and varied. In nations such as China, search engines were required to censor content - content that was free to view in other countries. Without access to such information, it is impossible for any Chinese citizen to be informed. The freedom of speech is an unalienable right. Google was fully justified to stop censorship in China.

  • No but still right decision

    Google's decision to leave does not help human right's at all. Many could say it hurt's human rights. However Google still made the correct decision in leaving. It wasn't based on human rights though it was based on what Google believes as a company and what they stand for in the world.

  • Google's decision was not good for human rights.

    By leaving China, Google has refused to be part of the dialog. Google is a major technology company, and they should have engaged with the Chinese government. Instead, they declared that China was evil, and left the country. Google is being childish, and they have betrayed their share holders. They should have stayed in China to do business.

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