Google decision to stop censoring results in China: Was the decision more about ethics (yes) or business (no)?

  • Yes. Google has the clout to send an ethical message to China.

    Yes. It's about time that a technology giant sent a polite message about ethics to the Chinese government. Google's decision to stop censoring their search results in China is a clear message that Google knows that they are big enough to softly tell the communist regime in China that it is wrong to censor their people. Google also knows China's dependence on their technology manufacturing, and that the government won't step in and ruin that relationship. I think it is great that they made that choice!

  • Evading Chinese Censorship Shows Google’s Ethics

    Google is bravely defying the autocrats of China, to support
    the cause of free speech. When Google began rerouting Chinese traffic on the website to an uncensored site in Hong Kong, it drew an angry response
    from the Chinese government. Provoking the powerful government of China is not
    good for Google’s business interests. However, the action does show Google is
    truly living by its watchwords Don’t be Evil.

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