Google decision to stop censoring results in China: Will Google's decision to leave help advance reform?

  • Google's Decision to Stop Censorship Advances Reform

    By no longer censoring results in China, Google is absolutely aiding in the advancement of reform. China is known for its heavy amount of censorship against its own citizens, which is a huge mistake. The country shouldn't engage in so much censorship and is only hurting itself by doing so.

  • Google's decision to leave will help advance reform in China.

    Google's decision to leave will help advance reform in China. Censorship is bad for anybody and limits the amount of information out there. I do not think censorship should be done on the Internet because who is it protecting? We should be allowed to look at the material if we want to.

  • Yes, censorship is not good.

    Yes, Google's decision to stop censoring results in China will lead to reform, because the people in China will be able to get more information. The United States had a great deal of success with the radio free program. Allowing people to access information from a variety of viewpoints will help open China up to the rest of the world.

  • Google Stands Up For Itself

    I believe as regulations become more restrict we will see individuals and companies fight back when they are specifically targeted as a result of these regulations. I think we you start to see whole companies take a stand it is a good step in the right direction. Companies should follow their customers in speaking out against unnecessary restrictions, especially ones that censor whole nations and countries.

  • The Google decision about censorship will help foster reform.

    The google decision about censorship will actually help to foster reform.This is because the world is becoming smaller and smaller in an electronic sense.Something that happens in the United States is immediately known throughout the world and will eventually get to the country of China who wants more American products.

  • Google's decision to leave China will not help advance reform.

    Although many Chinese people resent the Great Firewall of China, protests against it have done nothing to advance reform with the ruling Communist Party. Rather, China enforces stricter regulations with every protect. China has shown no signs that they are going to ease Internet restrictions any time in the near future.

  • No. China will continue to control it's people.

    No. Google's decision to end censorship on their results in China will simply make the government of China adjust their own censorship criteria to block information from it's people's eyes. The communist regime in China has made it very clear that they intend to control what comes in and out of their country, and that include things sent over the Internet. Even if Google doesn't censor their search results, the government can still censor the web pages.

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