• Too much trust in Google Drive

    I do think that people put too much trust in Google Drive and every other cloud device. We put our private documents and pictures in virtual cloud spaces with the expectation that we can access them at anytime, share them whenever we would like, and that those things would remain private. I think we just rely way too much on that technology.

  • Users Rely on Google Drive Too Much

    I think that a lot of people rely on things like Google Drive way too much. So many things can happen including server and power outages. Internet availability can be an issue as well. It is okay to use technology but always have a backup plan. In this case something like a backup flash or hard drive would have been helpful.

  • People rely too much on Google Drive.

    Just recently, Google Drive crashed causing stress in many users. This goes to show that people rely too much on some pieces of technology. As users, we all need to realize that programs such as Google Drive will experience difficulties from time to time. A person always should have a back-up plan. We just cannot rely on programs such as Google Drive.

  • Users seem to rely too much on technology.

    Google Drive, while something that may seem to be quite a commodity and a very helpful tool, needs to stop being replied upon so much. There are resources out there, aside from a GPS system and anything at all that deals with technology, that is a lot more reliable than Google Drive. Technology is a tool, yes, but there are other more reliable tools that may work better in the long run such as maps.

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