Google Fiber gives free gigabit Internet to poor people: Should governments give free technologies such as the internet to those who can't afford it?

Google Fiber gives free gigabit Internet to poor people: Should governments give free technologies such as the internet to those who can't afford it?
  • With the evolution of tech, yeah.

    Think about it. Example: Having everybody else have rocket cars and floating buildings, but one person doesn't have any of that and can't go anywhere because he doesn't have a fancy car. The internet is basically everything for some people, and most of everything for society now. YES, INTERNET SHOULD BE FREE.

  • What are we doing right now?

    We are using the Internet to debate over a topic concerning others, who cannot access the Internet from home and probably do not have the means to access the Internet elsewhere and are looking down from our lofty station and are stating that NO, they cannot have what we have, because their in a poor state. Yes, everyone should have access to the Internet, and through that, information and a freedom to state their own opinion.

  • Free Technology To THOSE who REALLY need it.

    Google Fiber offering free gigabit Internet to poor people is a reflection of Google offering everyone the opportunity to learn, and be a part of the technology available to everyone. I am supportive of this product if they can truly prove that someone is in need of the technologies and can afford them as well. This will allow families who are in financial distress to offer the same supportive technologies to their family, expanding their opportunities to learn, explore and experience the Internet. Keep in mind that not all of what Google Fiber offers is the same expansive internet access as those who pay for it.

  • Access to the internet can no longer be viewed as optional

    The world is too interconnected and the ability to get ahead, or even break-even, is too tied to access to resources and information that is available only online. Service providers should be able to force ridiculous costs for access to the Internet to those who simply cannot afford an additional bill. Governments should ensure their citizens all have equal access to the resource that has come to stand as the floor for adequacy of information.

  • I think the Internet is a useful tool for the poor.

    Maybe by having free Internet from Google Fiber, the poor can get online and find better job opportunities. Also, they have the opportunity to get grants and go to online colleges. It might be wishful thinking, but I think free Internet could help the poor get more opportunities in life.

  • No, because internet is not a need.

    Government is an agency of violence. It makes no sense to use violence to provide something that is not a need.

    In fact, the very idea of a "need" is an absurdity. Nobody actually "needs" anything. Life is a virtue not a necessity. There are virtues and vice yes, but that which is virtuous is not necessarily a need. A virtue is what you should pursue, but not necessarily what you "need" to pursue. Saying that you "need" something is just bad metaphysics.

    Even the universe itself does not operate on necessity rather it operates on sheer will alone. Electrons do not move toward protons because they "need" to rather they move toward protons because they want to. Objects of lower mass do not fall toward objects of greater mass because they "need" to rather they fall toward them because they want to. The very uniformity of nature is a supernatural occurrence. There is no lawgiver behind it forcing it to be uniform like the theists want us to believe and there is no nothingness forcing it to be uniform either like the atheists want us to believe.

  • Internet is a luxury, not a right

    Even in modern society where the internet is so ingrained into our everyday lives, a person can get free internet through various means. Public libraries offer free internet access. McDonald's and many other businesses offer free internet. Even random places like hospitals and schools offer free internet. So for a person to expect the government to provide free internet...that's not only socialism, that's just plain laziness.

  • The Government is not a Charity

    Google wants to give free gigabit internet to poor people? Good for them. But it is their decision, as a company, to do so. Our government can't make the decision to give out technology that people can't afford, because the money they are using comes from taxpayers, and not from anything they may have developed or created. Besides, the government is not a charity. If Google want's to act like a charity, fine, let them do it. But is not our governments role, and never should it be, to give out handouts. The government is only put in place to keep order and make sure things don't go out of hand. It is not their job to decide which people deserve a certain type of technology, especially since their budget is coming straight out of the common man's paycheck.

  • Google is a private company

    Google and other charities are free to donate their time and money but the government is special. The government has guns, police and weapons that they threaten to use should you not pay your taxes which would go to the "free" internet program. They would also handle the money inefficiently. How about those of you who support this put your money where your mouth is and actually donate to a charity that provides internet.

  • You earn what you deserve

    The government should not give free benefits to poor people who don't have enough money to pay for something; if you want something, you should have to work hard to earn enough money for it, not expect it to just be handed to you. The government needs to stop taking our hard-earned money and handing it to people who didn't earn it.

  • Internet is already freely available.

    1. Internet is not a life-sustaining need, it is a luxury.
    2. Despite the above fact the internet is freely available at most, if not all, public libraries. Libraries require minimal effort and information to use the internet. They are free.

    In light of the fact that the luxury of the internet is already freely provided at public libraries, it would appear to be a waste of resources to provide dedicated internet lines for free.

  • Governments Give Too Many Benefits to the Poor Already

    The government spends too much money already. The United States is over nineteen trillion dollars in debt, so how is it logical to do this? Will it make the government any money? No, it will make the government lose money. Will it make those that are receiving this service money? Most likely, no. Does this make economic sense? No, so is there any point in doing this?

  • Does the government give out everything these days?

    What are they gonna do with it? If they can't afford the super expensive devices then how are they gonna afford the internet. The homeless won't need it certainly. If they have electronics, then they should definetely be working. Internet is a privilege, not guaranteed in anyway shape and form.

  • No. Google makes their own money. Gov't gets money from taxpayer.

    While I don't agree, it is Google's prerogative to choose to what they do with the money THEY EARNED. Gov't on the otherhand is totally different. Their money comes from taxpayers are thus should not be use to fund luxury things like internet. It is an unfair burden to the rest of the citizens.

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