• Yes, I believe it is.

    Google glass wearers can be up to ten feet away and are still able to see your password or whatever you type in on your screen no matter how much glare there is. I think that is extremely easy and extremely disconcerting. You would not even notice there were doing it because they wouldn't have to be looking directly at you. This technology needs to be monitored very closely.

  • From What I hear.

    Unfortunately, with technology continuing to advance on, it is only going to become easier for the hackers and "phishes" to obtain personal information that they only need the password to achieve. Google Glass is a fine example of this. People should try their best to NEVER give out their passwords and make them hard to crack.

  • Yes with speech

    Yes, when you have to speak everything to google glass. People will hear what you are saying and people like to eavesdrop. Some people speak louder than other people. So, yes it will become even easier to steal the passwords to different accounts with google glass because it is something you wear and have to speak to it.

  • No it is not easy to steal passwords

    As long as your passwords meet basic requirements (capital letters, numbers, signs) then google glass should not pose a problem for passwords being stolen. Individuals should take precautions to protect their accounts. If a problem such as password stealing is attributed to google glass, then the company should take immediate action to ensure that user accounts are not hacked.

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