Google has banned 200 publishers since it passed a new policy against fake news. Will Internet news become more reliable?

  • Yes, it should become more reliable.

    Google along with other major search engines cracking down on fake news sites should make online news more reliable. Google is not governed by the First Amendment so it does not have to protect a site owner's freedom of speech or freedom of the press. Google can ban sites that publish fake news.

  • Yes, hopefully Internet news will finally be a reliable source.

    Google took a major step towards improving the Internet in terms of reliability in regards to the news. They have shut down numerous fake news sites and gotten rid of many bad advertising sites. While this won't solve all the Internet problems, it will help. At least there won't be quite as many scam sites to have to weed through to get to the legitimate sources.

  • Yes, Internet news is likely to become more reliable with the Google bans.

    In my opinion, this is a great move on Google's part to protect the Internet as a whole. While I wholeheartedly support freedom of speech, you don't get to sell fiction as factual news. These websites profit from Google's AdSense program, and Google has every right to say, this isn't news, and then act accordingly.

  • Internet news will not be more reliable because of the Google ban.

    Internet news will not be more reliable because of the Google ban. Although 200 publishers have been banned, there will be more that attempt to push fake news as real in the future. Reliable internet will require the constant browsing of publishers to ensure validity. It is also up to the reader to determine how credible the news is.

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