Google Pony Express Doodle game: Is the Pony Express Doodle game Google's best home page ever?

  • I absolutly love horses

    No arggument here its good i love it who ever came up with this has a bright brillent mind so so good i just need it love it love it love it so so much so no argument its very good and historicly fantastic to thats why i love it so much.

  • Pony Express Doodle Game Offers Fun & A Lesson In History

    In honor of the anniversary of the Pony Express, Google has created a doodle game. The object of the game is to collect letters and avoid obstacles as players deliver letters to the occupants. The game not only offers hours of enjoyment to players, but it also gives them a glimpse into history and why The Pony Express is an important aspect.

  • Not best home page

    No, this is not the best home page ever. It is my opinion that the Pony Express Doodle game does not have the best home page ever. The game is nice, but there could be some improvements to the home page. This game was for an anniversary, not to support the game. The home page is more about Forbes than the game.

  • Just ordinary to me

    I didn't find it massively impressive, although found it a bit interesting at first but nothing to get too excited about. Its a time based game which interested me but there are lots of other things that Google have done brilliantly and this is definitely not the best of them.

  • Google Pony Express time-waster.

    I feel the best home page ever is not the Pony Express Doodle game. This can be played in any setting and therefore detracts from productivity if someone must use Google. I personally perfer the birthday cake home page just because it's pretty to look at but not too distracting.

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