Google searching for cancer cure: Should tech companies be dabbling in medicine?

  • We need help with this from anywhere we can get it.

    If you have not been watching the news about the latest ebola problem we are having in West Africa, and now in Spain and in the Untied States, we need all the help we can get. And it goes the same for every other disease. We need help in any way we can get it.

  • Yes, tech companies should dabble in medicine.

    While this idea sounded a little crazy at first, I do think Google doing medical research could be a good thing. Google has so much technology that we don't even know about. If they think they can find a cure for cancer or create something that can detect sickness, why shouldn't we let them? They could be moving faster than pharmaceutical companies for all we know.

  • Yes, they should

    Tech companies have a lot of knowledge and research grants / funds to bring towards medical research. The more companies and individuals doing medical research the better. Tech minded people thing differently and will bring a different approach to research rather than purely medical based researchers. They also have vast sums of money that can be used for such research

  • No, tech companies should not be dabbling in medicine.

    Tech companies are not licensed in the medical field. They do not have experience or knowledge in medicine. With tech companies searching for a cure, they could slip up and cause a disaster that could harm an exponential amount of people or animals. They should stick to what they are trained to do; tech work.

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