Google turns to renewable energy: Should we ban fossil fuels and nuclear power?

  • Yes renewable energy and green energy is the way to go.

    Many countries and organizations turning to renewable energy is a clear indication that the days of using fossil fuels and nuclear power are numbered. If we were to compare the green energy with old methods of energy, we find that we have a lot to benefit from the former, economically and environmentally.

  • No, fossil fuels and nuclear power should not be banned.

    No, fossil fuels and nuclear power should not be banned, at least not for the time being. It is important for countries around the world to develop sources of renewable energy, such as solar and wind power. But, there are not enough sources of renewable energy in operation at the present time to provide power for everything. There needs to be a transition to renewable energy that makes it more affordable and more available for everyone. In the meantime, fossil fuels and nuclear power should be relied upon less and less until they are gradually phased out of use.

  • They are too important.

    Fossil fuels and nuclear power have revolutionized the way that people live. Fossil fuels have brought in the industrial era. People's lives have improved. They are living so much better and longer. Conditions are better and there is less child labor and slavery. It would be a shame to undo all that progress.

  • No, banning fossil fuels isn't the answer

    The problem for sustainability is that fossil fuels and nuclear power are very cheap. Lots of businesses and consumers rely on that power. At the moment renewable energy is still more expensive to buy than that created by burning fossil fuels or from nuclear power stations. Renewable energy needs to be developed further to lower the cost to buyers and over time we can switch to 100% renewable sources.

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