Google using the US Congress to fight EU antitrust: Is international lobbying ethical?

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  • Stop International Lobbying

    I think that it is unethical for Google and the US Congress to fight EU antitrust laws. Lobbying, bother nationally and internationally is wrong. Essentially lobbying is buying votes. People of power are in a sense bribed to support certain policies. This is not in the favor of constituents, but rather large companies that can afford to do favors for politicians and people of influence and power. Google is being unethical in their use of the US Congress to fight EU antitrust.

  • No, large corporations should not be able to use government resources for personal gain.

    It is my belief that large corporations should not be able to utilize government resources in order to obtain personal gains. In this scenario, Google is using the influence of the U.S. Government in order to maintain their influence and prosperity overseas. As a Fortune 500 company, Google is obviously able to obtain a financial edge over many other companies. They used this advantage in order to sway the opinions of congressman and convince them to use their power to manipulate legislation in Europe to the advantage of Google. In the state our country is in right now, there are for more important and pressing matters that our government should be focusing time and energy on. In addition, it is not ethical or moral for Google to be able to use its power to maniuplate Governments.

  • International lobbying is unethical

    International lobbying is unethical. Google, using the US Congress to fight EU antitrust is unethical. US should not be involved in EU politics. The US has a completely different kind of democracy than EU does and the two should not be mixed or combined unless one day, they combine and become one.

  • Just Google It: Tech Firm Should Have Hands Slapped for Using Congress Members to Strengthen Its European Dominance

    International lobbying by American companies using US political leaders is not ethical. Google compelled members of the US congress to pressure the European Union to drop an antitrust case against the US firm. Coordinated by senators and House representatives, many of whom had campaigns significantly funded by Google, a sophisticated lobbying effort in Europe worked hard to solidify Google's dominance of the continent. Such practices must be stopped.

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