Google (yes) or China (no): Who has the most to lose from internet censorship?

  • Google would be devastated

    Google, a broadband international corportaiton, has more users thatn that of the CCP, BUT the idea of internet freedom is key to google's interconnectivity and data transferring a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aaa a a a a a a

  • Internet censorship is bad for china

    I think one of the reasons Internet censorship is bad for china is that if you keep restricting peoples information rights they will get really fed up, causing civil unrest. Plus its bad for china's technological development because of information restriction. Google only has a small portion of money to lose.

  • China as a whole

    Its hard to tell if the Chinese government would lose more, but as a country, China stands to lose by far the most from censorship. China should allow the free dissemination of information across the country, in order for their population should be the most informed and most well learned they can be.

  • China would be the biggest loser.

    China has the most to lose from Internet censorship. The nation of China is very big on attempting to control information, because it is so vast, and its government is so corrupt. If their people really knew how broken and polluted their nation was, there would be another revolution. China of course doesn't want that.

  • China will lose freedom.

    China has the most to lose from internet censorship, because Google only has business to lose. The freedoms that China will lose by continuing to allow censored internet will be devastating. China will not progress into a modern society, because they will not have free information. Freedom is far more of a loss than a little bit of profit. That is why China has more to lose than Google.

  • China has the most to lose with Internet censorship.

    China has greatly censored what their citizens can look at online (and elsewhere). I have seen this even from when people have traveled to China and said they must be extremely careful with anything they write in their e-mails. While we have to respect China's decisions about what their residents can see, it's also true that Chinese are missing out on various things due to so much censorship. Of course, Google will potentially lose out monetarily, but China is losing out in many more ways, including socially.

  • China Loses More

    In my experience in the United States, I become very agitated when I run into a site that has been censored or banned by my government, therefore I feel as though China has more to lose than Google when choosing to censor the Internet. I believe shielding people from freedoms can cause far more problems down the road, where as Google is only harmed financially.

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